Sunday, July 31, 2016

Catching up with some summer fun and some good summer cleaning

Do you believe it...
August is here already!!!
We got such a late start on summer that we are savoring every moment that we can get on the water.  
With Paul's busy work schedule,  I've used my board more then we've used the boat this summer.

But don't worry...  we've been making up for lost boat time.

We're so lucky to live so close to the Chesapeake.
With all of these hot days we've been having,  the bay feels like warm bath water.
It's almost too warm.
Since there were storms in the area I spent today inside catching up on some much needed house cleaning.   The dining room was feeling a little stale..
Of course,  this new anchor pillow helped inspire me to freshen things up.
I took a few things out of the room,  moved the little bench against the wall and set my sunflower dishes on display.
Along with some shampooed carpet,  freshly painted baseboards and dusted furniture..
Ahhhhh.  It feels so much better!
Handsome Harry approves.
Sometimes stormy weekends are good.
I actually got caught up on a lot.

Plus, as I celebrate 2 full weeks as a non smoker..  I still need to keep myself busy.
as I chew the shit out of nicotine gum.
Along with the dining room, the kitchen has been scrubbed and waxed.
Brownies with candy coated sunflower seeds on top.
I figured,  may as well...  since I was going with the sunflower theme.
But if I keep baking things like this..
I'm definitely going to require more paddle boarding days.
While I was pulling up the photos for this post I found an older kitchen photo from 2009.
I have to share it.
Just look at the difference between then and now.

Pretty crazy.
I love looking back on old decorating pictures.
however, most times when I see them I say,
What in the heck was I thinking!!!!
Darla and I wish everyone a safe and happy August!
See you soon!


  1. Love seeing pictures of your house. You have such a knack for putting it all together. Congrats on your two week accomplishment -- you go girl!

  2. It all looks great, you are the best decorator I can think of! Way to go with kicking the habit, I know exactly how hard it is. Just the other day I would've done about anything for a cig, and I quite 4 years ago. Darla is adorable, great pic of you two! Have a fun rest of the summer on the water!

  3. Like your home...enjoy summer love Ria x

  4. Sweet photo of you and Darla.
    I love the "new" kitchen and the touches of sunflowers. It makes me feel good to give the house a good cleaning. Rainy days are perfect for that!

  5. Looks so nice! Now can you come and do my home? LOL

    Enjoy, Janie

  6. It is interesting to me how thisngs just stay the way they are until we realize "hey, this room has looked like this for a LOOOONg time! Teime for a switch a roo. we have been doing that too. Stale is no fun. Did a post on some of my changes with more to come.
    Your older pics looked fine for that time but i like you new look better.
    Love the pic of you and Darla.

    Take care friend!!

    M : )