Saturday, October 31, 2020

Happy Halloween!! YAZZIE - Selfish (Official Music Video)

Happy Halloween everyone.    This is my daughters newest release and it's perfect for today!!!!  Please give her a thumbs up!   

Stay safe and Happy

Sunday, August 16, 2020

Happy Sunday!!!

Hi Friends.
Happy Sunday to you all.
I hope today finds you all happy and healthy.
It's a cooler day here,  still rainy because recently it rains every day.

This was a fast week.
What have I been doing? 
I've been indulging in over 600 pages of Twilight flashbacks.
Since it's been so grey and rainy, This has been the perfect week to read Midnight Sun.
It's a decent read.
Not my favorite..  but fun to relive.

I've also taken some time to watch some Shark Week programs on Discovery.

Y'all know that I love shark week!


I've been drinking lots of coffee and wearing my pumpkin shirt.
Because..   Why not?

 I've been cleaning and trying to attack some of my Fall projects.
The counter below is a junk collector. 
Mail,  keys, tools, nail polish..  everything lands right there.
I switched a few things around and turned it into a cute little coffee bar
 and Wow,  it's still clean!

And I've been doodling in my planner and making lots of fun "Covid-era" fall plans.
 And that is pretty much all of it. 
Today I am sending the week out with my favorite online church service and a great breakfast.   I'm about to work on the last chapter of my book and possibly take a nap before dinner.  
 I call this a good Sunday!! 
Wishing you all a great new week!!!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

practice post.

Good morning friends.  
I'm coming to you live from my cellphone. 
I've been trying to update using the new blogger format.

This (below) the the preview of a post that I made on my laptop.   
That's not gonna work.  Haha.

But it does seem easier from this phone.

Now the stupid thing is stuck in HTML.

So, it appears for now,  I will just have to use my phone.    

So,  let's start over.

Good morning friends!!

The temperature is cooler and Its raining cats and dogs here in Baltimore this morning.   

I pretty much got everything done around the house so I'm just chilling until the new book arrives.  

* I dont like updating from my phone much either. Just sayin.

The kitchen is all clean and pretty.
This was yesterday,  this morning there is no sunshine coming through. 

Today I'm going to make some stuffed cabbage.   A regular version and a vegetarian version with rice and chickpeas.    I'll have one of each. ; )

And these guys say hello.

The end.


Hope that you all are doing well.
Stay safe and healthy. 

Thursday, July 30, 2020

The penny backspash and other projects from the week


Hi Friends!!
Happy Thursday!
Oh boy.. it appears that Blogger has switched me to the new format.
Hope this goes well. 
This week sure did fly by.
Luckily it wasn't one of those weeks where I can't remember doing anything productive.
I started and finished a few blog worthy projects this week.
#1.  I made a funky new wreath for the front door and decorated the front for Sharkweek.

Someone suggested that I add some swimming dolls to the wreath.

 #2.  I finished the Shark diamond art.

 #3.  I painted and gave our tiny bathroom a makeover.

Is it weird to show photos of one's bathroom on the blog?
Do you believe that this old house,  where we raised two daughters,  only has one bathroom!!!

This picture belonged to my mother in law and it is one of my most favorite things.

#4.  The penny project.
This was one of those things that I have always wanted to do but never felt brave enough to do it.
A penny backsplash.

Do not tell the treasury department..
evidently there's a shortage of coins.
oops.  my bad.

Here's how it went..
I bought a new medal backsplash plate.
Glued pennies haphazardly over the top of it.
Then I had some fun getting my hands dirty covering it all with grout.

Once the grout was cleaned and dry I added multiple coats of varnish to help keep everything in place.

And since I was replacing the backspash,  I ordered a new much needed oven hood to complete the project.
This morning the guy came to hang it all and here it is...
I love it.
Here is a before and after.

Huge difference right ?
 I was a little unsure about the copper and stainless combination,
 but WOW it really pops and gives the room so much more character.
I've also finished a few paintings,  recipes and Netflix series and countless Sudoku puzzles.
It's been a good week!
I just switched back to old blogger.
I just can not figure out how to add and arrange photos in the new interface.
I will practice before the next post.
I hope that you all have had a productive week as well.
Stay healthy and cool.

Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Other stuff and nonsense : )

Besides lounging by the sea sipping daiquiri's and having my feet rubbed by the shirtless hunky  cabana boys,
  I have been doing other things.  
 Other more realistic things.
but those cabana boy foot rubs sound good though.
Here are a few of the other things that have been happening around here.
 Buying Stuff
I saw this funny message board on Pinterest that said:
"I need to find hobbies that don't include eating or shopping"
Which is totally going to be my next board message.
The eating part has been going well,  really well.
After seeing a picture of myself at the beach last week I was inspired...  and a little bit grossed out.
Since then I have followed my WW plan like it's map to the bikini store.
Who am I kidding... bikini!
Anyway it's the shopping part that needs help.
I'm always buying something..
bird feeders
craft supplies
The list goes on.

The other day I found this awesome bread box  at a consignment shop and I bought it.
And the picture.
But they're so perfect.

I am going to attempt an amazon cleanse  this next week.
Game Night
Doesn't matter what we do,
I always enjoy my time with the four of these goofballs.
And playing Cards Against Humanity with them and Paul never fails to entertain.
Bath Time
I've been putting it off for long enough and it was time to give the big stinky boys a bath.
Since the temperature has been in the 90's I used the opportunity to bath them outside with the hose.
Washing these guys is a workout!
Plus one of these guys turns into a complete ^$$hole
when the hose is on.   
I'm pretty sure that I heard the neighbors laughing at my struggles.
I found this awesome recipe for
Old Bay Shrimp and Crab Pasta
on Pinterest and it is a great summer dish.
The recipe here is simple and is good both hot and cold.

Something to do
I finished my last book Chasing Cleopatra by Tina Sloan and while
I'm waiting for the release of a book that I've been waiting years for,
I started a diamond art project.
Because you know what else is coming!!!!
Shark week!

Oh.. the book that I'm waiting for?
Okay,  don't judge me.
It's a little book called
Midnight Sun
and my kids bought me a copy ( that will be released on 8-4) for mothers day.
I'm so freaking excited..
Even my planner is ready!!!
Crazy Squirrels
To save the bird feeder, I got the squirrels a food box too.
 I was not expecting was to see this...

Now, we hear the lid open and close all day long.
They crack me up!!!
And they're gonna be fat.
Also.. obviously squirrels and not a fan of carrots.
I know, that carrot looks...  Wrong.
I didn't want to put a corn cob up there in the chance that my dogs may find it.
We have a family of blue jays that visit us often too.
They all love this food.

  feeding and watching the birds and squirrels has been a huge help in getting us through this quarantine.   
And that pretty much sums up the week.
I have a virtual WW meeting this morning where I get to brag about the 4 pounds that I lost this week.  Boom!   That's right!! 
Now I just have to keep the momentum.
Suddenly I just got hungry.
I need my cabana boy to make me some breakfast.
Hope that you all have been having a safe, fun and healthy week.
Stay cool!!!!

Monday, July 20, 2020

Boat, Board, Beach day

Hi Friends.
Happy Monday!!
I went out to fill the bird and squirrel feeders and water the gardens early this morning.
At 7:00 am it was already humid and hot.  
 I think today is supposed to be near 100'.
You'll catch me inside. 
how boh dat
I won't complain about the heat when we have days like Wednesday...
Besides the weather, the best part about that day was that I was with my whole family.
Thanks to Covid,  we have more time to do things together.
 It was the perfect day spent with Paul and the girls.
Get ready for a boat load ( pun intended) of photos.
Michelle and I paddled over to the island
while Paul and Sally came by boat.

And Charlotte too!

Here they come..  making all kinds of noise.

We all docked in a little cove at one of the islands called Pleasure Island.
It's the one nearest the lighthouse.
We swam, floated and paddled all day long.

Before we left we had to get some pictures of the lighthouse.
I'm in awe of it every time I see it up close.

During the trip back we switched,
 Michelle went with Paul to bring the boat home while Sally and I paddled back to the dock where I had parked my car.

Every time I'm out there..
 I hear the water lap against my board and I look around at the vast openness of the waterway and count my blessings.
We are so lucky to be able to enjoy days like this.
Hope that you all are well and staying cool during these hot days.