Saturday, August 4, 2018

First week of August

Good morning!
Happy Saturday.
I'm sitting on my porch looking outside at the sky and it looks like it is going to rain AGAIN.
It's rained every single day for a week this summer.
ok, not every day ... but it sure feels like it.
It's rained so much that there are warnings to boaters and swimmers to stay out of the Chesapeake bay due to the amount of debris and funk that is in the water.
So,  I've been trying to keep busy with inside activities for most of the week.
I did however, enjoy two daughter dates this week..
the first was a breakfast date with Sally,
and the next was a shopping trip with Michelle.
I'll show you what I bought at the end of this post.
Paul has been working extra days,  august will be a busy month for him but with having some home repairs and other expenses coming up..  the overtime will come in handy.
Here are a few things that have been happening around the house this week.
I started and finished Gillian Flynn's Sharp Objects.
She is a great story teller...
but she sure does write some dark and creepy books.

We ended Shark week with a shark pizza. 
 Someone shared the instructions with me on Facebook and I had to make one.  It was simple.
Since shark week is over,  it was time to reset the table.
I went for a sunflower theme.
Aren't they pretty.
I cheated and bought some fake ones.

August 1st made 1 year since my little Darla passed.
That morning I read Charlotte the book about her big sister.
She seemed very into it.
Do you see that big boy sleeping in the background?
He has been having trouble walking for some time now.
We've had him back and forth to the vets. Recently,  to rule out hip dysplasia, they took x-rays of his hips and legs.  Thankfully he does not have any dysplasia but it does appear that he has a torn ACL in his right knee that will require surgery.
We've been trying to keep in comfortable until his visit with the orthopedic surgeon.
Hopefully,  we will find out more details and get him fixed up very soon.

Outside of the house, although I hate it,  the rain has done wonders for the surprise pumpkin plants that popped up in the garden this year.
They have crawled into my little flower garden and now are taking over everything.
Speaking of Pumpkins.. 
I found these adorable pumpkin jars while shopping with Michelle.
They almost match the dutch oven perfectly.
I also found this little guy.
How adorable is he!!

It was difficult,  but I tucked the new fall things away in the cabinet.
I've given myself a Fall decorating date...
September 15th it's coming out!!!!
I hope that you all are well and enjoying the start of August.
I can't wait to check in and see what you've all been up to.
See you soon!!

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Happy Shark Week

Good Morning Evening friends.
Happy Sunday and happy first day of...
 Around here,  we are ready to dive in and take a bite out of Shark Week.
Sharky is admiring the Shark cupcakes that I baked this morning.
 Although, They were just an easy marble cake from a box, 
they do taste pretty Jawesome!
Some-fin fishy is happening in the dining room.
I was chomping at the bait to set the table in honor of Shark week
and I ended up with this sofishticated shiver of sharks.

 If you are wondering what these are...
They are shark hand puppets. 
 I placed the puppet over a plastic cup and submerged them into a bowl full of blue floral gels.  
And yes..
We are having a hard time keeping our hands out of the gooey balls.
And of course,  I've got my planner set up
to help me stay afloat of what is going on.
I need to mako list of fun things to do this week.

However, One thing that I can chomp off of the list
are these cute pups ....
Aren't they fintastic!!!

This week I look forward to being
stewed to the gills in Shark week festivities.
What about you,  do you all have any fun plans for Shark week?
  Did you know that this week is the safest time to swim deep blue sea?
Because all of the sharks are busy being on tv.
Did you hear about the Shark who swallowed a bunch of keys?
He got lockjaw.
What do you call that mushy stuff between a sharks teeth?
Slow swimmers.
Hope that you all have a wonderful week.
Stay out of the water!!

Saturday, July 14, 2018

The first half of July..

As the rest of this summer, 
2 weeks just slipped by in what feels like a day.
Slow down please!
The first week of July was awesome.
We finally got the boat wet!
And it was a beautiful day.

Paul was so excited to pull the boat with his new truck.
They definitely look great together!!!

I made some of the  yummy summer salads from my pinterest Salad board.

I enjoyed my morning coffee while admiring the surprise Pumpkin plants that are taking over the garden.    Paul is not too happy about them..  but I,  you know I love my pumpkins!! 
Planned or Unplanned..
All Pumpkins Matter!!!

We celebrated the 4th with our super fun patriotic friends.

I took down much of the red, white and blue and started working on my next summer theme.
And then...
Like a kick in the face,
 Saturday evening I started with a sore throat.
This whole past week has been filled with fevers, painful strep throat, coughing and lots of puppy snuggles.
Yesterday,  after a week of not leaving the house, 
I finally felt good enough to venture out for a bit.
I even treated myself to a great breakfast.
And here I am today.. 
 throat of still a little swollen and sore ~ 
go away!!!!
Hopefully these antibiotics kill it soon.
I hope that you all are doing well and have had a great past two weeks.  Sorry I've missed you.

Monday, July 2, 2018

Patriotic Decor

Since the 4th of July is in a few days I thought that I would finally get around to posting some patriotic decorations.    This is definitely one of my favorite times of the year.
1.  Halloween/Fall
2.  Patriotic/4th of July
3. Christmas
I love the feeling that I get when I see red, white and blue.  It reminds me of lemonade, summertime and the family who fought so that I could live on a land where I can be free to do what ever I choose..   We are so blessed to be part of this amazing country.
I'll start with the sun porch.
Come on in and join me with an afternoon coffee at the table.

There is plenty to look at

Sometimes I get a little crazy when hanging things from the ceiling.

And since the dollhouse is on the porch,  we'll stop inside for a visit.
I love changing the decorations in here too.
Look who's waiting for us in the living room.
Come on in...
I didn't really do much in here..  just added a few pillows and red white and blue touches. 
I built this little barn last year..
Just about everything is made from balsa wood,  paint stirrers and polymer clay.
I had planned to sell it but I just couldn't part with it.
I would love to have a real barn like this!
Moving on to the dining room,
 It's a bit more dressed up for America's birthday.

I also added little touches from the sea.


And in the kitchen,  you already saw this cute garland.

If you look at the window on the left you will see the green curtains..
And below you will see the beautiful blue curtains that I hung the other day.
I love the pattern and fabric.
And that's it.  
I hope that you enjoyed the little patriotic tour.
It's steaming hot out today..  I'm sitting on my sun porch and the heat is just rolling through the opened windows.    Paul and I are about to start packing our beach bags for a much anticipated trip out on the boat.
Hope that you all have a great day.
Stay cool.

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Summer day on the river

Happy July 1st!!!
 Grab a tube and join me and Michelle as we float downstream.


Hope that you enjoyed the ride!
Isn't it beautiful?
This was yesterday and as relaxing as it looks.. 
I gotta tell you,  I am still a little sore this morning.
The ride started with a few mile hike upstream.
The walk wouldn't have been so bad if we weren't lugging the giant tubes that we rented.
Since I've been slacking on exercise lately.. 
 by the time we reached the river opening my arms and legs were burning.   
But that's ok ..  because the ride downstream is going to be super relaxing.
Yes,  Michelle and I were those people.. 
the ones who packed a lunch and brought books to read during the 2.5 hour ride back down.
Between dodging people, rocks, branches and the riverbank,  there is no time to read a book.
Infact, our books along with our snacks and Michelle's phone were soaked !
(Michelle's phone is still resting in a bag of rice this morning ~  fingers crossed!)
Although it wasn't the low stress adventure that we were expecting,
it was fun...
We were outdoors and most importantly, we were laughing.
Today, Paul and I are going to visit his mom and take her to lunch.
I'm kinda feeling pizza and I am hoping that I can talk them into it.
Tomorrow Paul and I are planning to take the boat out for a few hours.

This summer weather has been so strange that we haven't had it out yet..
needless to say,  Paul is very anxious to get out.
Hope that you all are having a great weekend.
Happy July!!!!!