Thursday, July 7, 2016

Finally, a boat day!

Remember the other day when I mentioned that we hadn't been out on our boat all summer?
Thanks for crossing those fingers...
We finally made it out and it was the perfect day!!!!
It has been one obstacle after the other..
boat trailer, truck, boat, rain, work, boat trailer, truck ...
You get the idea.
The long wait was well worth it.
Just look at this gorgeous day we had.

To see this guy looking so happy..
that is what I love the most.
My heart swells when I see him smiling.
After many long hours working on mechanics, lots of sweat, bloody knuckles and backaches,
He needed a day like this.
( and doesn't he totally remind you of Rick from Walking Dead in this picture.. bad ass!)

 I'm glad that the oldest, very health conscience daughter wasn't there to witness our condition when we came home.
Although we did use sunblock..   we are both feeling extra crispy .
I'm pretty sure you could fry an egg on my back right now.
 Back at the pier, we tied the boat up and said goodbye to hopefully the first of many beautiful boat days this summer.   

Even with the sunburns...
These are the days we dream of.
Now it's time to catch up on some neglected housework.
Yuck,  anyone want to help?
Have a wonderful day.


  1. Yeah !! it is also summer...finally...sitting outside enjoying the beautiful from me Ria x

  2. Beautiful day on the water!
    So glad you were able to get out.

    Our weather has been soooo weird this summer.

    Happy weekend!!

    M : )

  3. Awesome! Perfect weather for boating of any kind!

  4. I can certainly tell how much you love the water! Here and on your previous blog. After reading about your visit to see your uncle and all that recalled from your childhood visits... I can see you have a long history of water love! This trip looked like fun. Don't watch the walking dead... So I've no clue!
    And no... Can't muster volunteering to clean-- I don't like having to do it here! LOL!!!