Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Paint day

Some days you just need to paint.


Would you believe that I am painting pumpkins and peppermint sticks and we haven't even been out on our boat yet?
Yeah,  it's been one of those summers.
Keep your fingers crossed that that changes today, as we are planning to take the boat and all of its new expensive parts out for a test run.
I have to ton of paint night parties coming up,
A few of which involve sunflowers .
Yesterday,  while Paul was working on the boat, 
I found the perfect spot to enjoy the sunshine and work on some practice pieces.
The large sunflower is a project that I'll be doing for a bridal party next month.
When planning paint nights, I let the hostess pick the project that she wants to do
( As long as its something that I can teach).
The little pickup truck is a gift to a friend.  it's turning out super cute.

These were fun projects that I played with for my friends at the local nursery.
Soon they will have gardens bursting with Sunflowers and Zinnia's
and this old wood found on the nursery property was perfect to paint a few on.

I really like these!
In fact,  I think I need a few for my gardens!  : )
Thank you all for coming along with me on this new blog journey.
It feels so good to be back!!!!
Hope that you all have a great day.



  1. Love sunflowers!!! Yours are so cute!! The flowers painted on wood are adorable. Hope you get out on the boat today, Enjoy, Janie

    1. Thank you janie! We made it out and it was beautiful

  2. Happy to read that you enjoyed your boat! I adore your paint projects. Love that you shared photos. I have an old truck painting by a local GA artist that I love. She "hides" a cat in all of her art! My great grandpa had an old Chevy truck and I guess that is why I love them!
    Have a wonderful day and so happy to see you blogging! xo

  3. Great pics. If I lived closer, I would definitely come to your classes!!

    M : )

  4. Those are terrific! I wish I had some painting skills!