Saturday, August 27, 2016

A full house and the new buffet

My house is once again full and alive and I couldn't be happier.
After an amazing 2 month stay in Basel Switzerland,  our oldest daughter is home and getting back to normal.    During this amazing journey she has traveled to some beautiful places, spent time with wonderful people, and....
 she has unexpectedly found love.
 Now I have two daughters with boyfriends..
one who lives on the other side of the world
and one who is going away to college next week.
 This should be interesting.
I think I should stock up on the tequila!
Before she came home, Michelle told me that she wanted to clean and organize her bedroom much like the one that she had in Switzerland.  When she mentioned that she wanted to get rid of her old dresser...   I immediately started to make plans for it.

Don't you think that it will make a great Dining room buffet.
With my linen and dish obsession,  I could fill those drawers fast.
Just wait until you see it!!
The first thing I did was remove all of those old fixtures and painted the whole thing with a chalky black paint. 
I bought a few planks of wood,  cut them to size, stained them and then attached the wood to the top of the dresser.    I staggered them a bit so that it wasn't too uniform.

and then I put a coat of polish over the whole piece.

I wasn't sure it if would be overkill,  but as I was at the hardware store buying the wood for the top,  I passed the mailbox/address number aisle and decided that I wanted to use some of them to number the drawers.   I didn't do the small middle drawers since there was not enough room.
And then the finishing touch...
The drawer pulls.
I am in love!!!!! 
 Go figure that the bottom drawers need a wider handle,
which I keep forgetting to order.

Of course,  all that I have been doing is fantasizing about Fall and Halloween decorations on this new buffet!!!    I can't wait!
I hope that you are all doing wonderful!!!!!
I'm off to bake some back to school apple cookies for the little people that live on my street.
Have a great weekend!!!!!!



  1. Wow! This turned out AMaZinG!! I also love the way you hung the shelves over it, it really gives it the look of a hutch. I need you to come to my house and help me put this place together.

  2. Ok, seriously?! That turned out perfectly! I love the numbers you added, gives it so much personality! You have me green with envy over here!

  3. You are amazing, Leslie! Love, love, love! I wish I had the courage to 'go for it' like this. The numbers are just perfect!


  4. Your new buffet looks awesome!!!!

    Have a great day, Janie

  5. I adore the buffet! Wow good job girl! The numbers are wonderful! I felt the same way about blogging - but just came my post if you have a chance! Hi again :)

  6. Your buffet is beautiful ♥

  7. Glad all are safe and sound.
    The dresser transformation looks great!
    Love the numbers on the drawers.

    M : )

  8. Your buffet is wonderful
    You did a great job