Saturday, February 18, 2017

generic post / a little welcome home

Valentines has come and gone and we are so close to spring that I can taste it.
Last night it was a cold 27'
This weekend it's supposed to be close to 70.
The idea of warm sunny days really makes me want to get my hands dirty in the garden.

We had a nice Valentines day.
After 27 years of marriage we don't require much of anything.
Neither one of us needs for anything so we opted out of the gift giving and treated each other to a nice crab cake lunch. 

Since our oldest daughter Michelle was returning home after another 2 months living in Switzerland,  I spent the next day getting things ready for her.

Of course I had my kitchen helper...

He is growing way to fast!

I made a Korean homecoming meal called Bibimbat..  actually this was a vegan version that I found on  pinterest and I have to admit,  it was pretty good. 

It's a 10 hour journey from Switzerland to Baltimore and I knew that michelle would be tired and hungry.    I got her room freshened up and sally picked out some pretty flowers for her.

It's nice having both girls under the same roof again.  Paul and I can relax a little knowing that we are all on the same continent for a little while. 

Speaking of sleeping... 
Look who loves our bed!!

Little monster is so darn cute!

Of course, I can't share photos of the boys without one of this girl.

Now that we are getting acclimated to having 4 adults and 3 dogs in the house again,  hopefully I can start focusing on so fun stuff...
like redecorating my dollhouse.  : )

Have a wonderful weekend.


  1. Good Morning! Such sweet photos of your fur babies. Welcome home to your daughter. I know it is wonderful to have everyone all together! Like you, I am so eager to get work in the flower beds. The meal you prepared looks delicious. I am so happy you are blogging again. Your photos are like looking through one of my favorite magazines. Love them all.

    1. awwww thank you mildred. It's soooo good to be back. I find that once again I am constantly looking around for things and moments to take photos of. Before, while I was using the "crappy laptop" there wasn't even a drive for a memory card to transfer camera photos.

  2. Owwwww your sweet doggies have a Nice sunday Ria x

  3. Oh yes, you are feeling like spring. :-) You are "down-south"! :-)))

    Pretty kitchen. Love the green and white check curtains, on the door!!!

    So nice to have a child home, from abroad. We have a grand, living and teaching in Japan, for the year. Long ways.....

    I'm sure your daughter will be glad to be cozy, at home.

    Love that little black lab! And the older dogs too. They all need loves, and I'm sure, they each get plenty.

    Gentle hugs,
    Luna Crone

    1. it's funny that you mentioned those curtains being that , besides the door, I recently took them all down. I am heading out today for some muslin to make some feed sack inspired valances... something simple to let the sunshine in. My daughter wants to live in Japan also... She is complete opposite of me. I'm a nester and she loves to fly! : )

  4. How wonderful!
    Having both your girls home!
    Your home looks lovely...
    And your pups?
    Enjoy a lovely, cozy weekend!

    1. The pups rule this house. : ) Have a great weekend.

  5. OMG, that pic of The Boys is too cute! Enjoy:@)

  6. Hi Leslie! That kitchen of yours sure would make an adorable mini kitchen! I'm just saying! Your thinking about dusting off your dollhouse... would be a great first project. Your 3 puppies are so cute! I just love those fur beings. They make life so much sweeter!

    1. Thanks Caroline!! I have busy playing in the tiny houses... I forgot how much fun it is. I referenced your amazing blog in my most recent post ~ so lovely. btw, Not only did your dollhouse décor inspire me, but I also saw the little screen with the bunting ~ funny thing is, I recently found a screen just like that in my garage and it's been sitting here waiting for me to do something with it ~ Now I know exactly what I want to do with it, Next I just need to figure out where I will put it. : )

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