Saturday, April 1, 2017

some outdoor projects done

Hi friends.
Happy Tuesday
Actually, Tuesday is almost over so ....
Happy Wednesday!

Never mind...
Happy Weekend!!!  

I tried.  lol

It's almost 6pm on this cold Saturday and I am already in my pajamas vegging out with a hot coffee and a little Scandal marathon. 
But if I need an excuse to be lazy...  it's a great show!

We had a beautiful day last week and I was unlazy and finally able to put the new deck furniture together.    I even put a fresh coat of paint on the floor boards.

This is the first time ever that we aren't using a standard table and chairs.
I am loving the set up, colors and the pillows.
All that we need now are some flowers.

Hopefully I'll see a little more sunshine this month..
I can't wait to sit out here with a book.

I've got a pile of other projects going on...

I made this potting table a few weeks ago and I also can not wait to fill it with colorful flowers.

Thanks to the awesome cordless tools that Paul gave me for Christmas it was super easy to make.

First thing was to measure and saw holes on the top piece that will hold flower pots.

Then I trimmed out the top.
(You can see that I did all this before I repainted the deck. )

Added 2x4s for legs and used some of the extra trim as added support on the legs,

(These aren't the greatest instructions..  but hopefully you get the idea.)

After painting the whole thing white, I added the pots and the window .
and now..  come on nice weather ~  I really want to add some plants!

The deck is going to be so cozy this summer. 
Can't wait!!!!

Sorry for the short crappy posts lately. 

Have a wonderful weekend all.
Hope that you are basking in some great weather.


  1. Love the bench, Leslie. It's going to look so cute with flowers and that window behind it. We had some great weather this week, too, and I was so tempted to put our patio together. But, it's really cold today, so like you I have hunkered down with some tea and writing projects.

  2. Lovin' your new potting table, it turned out cute! I'm with you, really need some sun and warmth:@)

  3. Here we have also Great your table for from je Ria x

  4. Love your new deck furniture and the table you made.

    Enjoy and have fun, Janie

  5. Love the new furniture! We have always done table and chairs too. After seeing how great your deck looks, I think we need a change. Hope your weather warms to get some flowers for that great planter!

  6. Wow. Love the potting table. Happy Spring.

  7. Your weather sounds like ours.
    We had a peek of sun today and then it went away.
    Your deck looks great and so does your potting table.

    Stop by Dreaming, I am posting all month on famous women.
    A-Z Blogging Challenge.

    M : )

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