Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Days like these

A few weeks ago I got a chance to spend the day out on the water with my daughters.   Since they are so few and far between,  Girl dates are a pretty big deal to this mom.   
I am in a constant struggle with letting go of what used to be and embracing what is now.   It's been an ongoing internal conflict ever since they grew up and stopped needing their mom.
God,  I loved raising these girls!

The day started out with beautiful blue skies as we paddled, the girls in the kayak and I on the paddleboard, to the little island called Pleasure Island.

Once settled on the beach we enjoyed our picnic lunch before heading back out to tour the waters around the lighthouse.

I paddled behind ...
Watching and listening to them navigate, cuss and laugh.
It's the best sound ever!

This is the Craighill rear lighthouse on the Chesapeake.
Up close, it's both beautiful and kinda creepy.

We swam a bit and paddled around the island as the grey clouds started to close in on our day.

It wasn't as ominous as it looked,  but the clouds did cause the temperature to drop enough that we were getting cold.

We soon packed up and hesitantly headed back to shore.

On this day I was reminded that the joys of being a parent hasn't gone anywhere.  It's still here..  it's just a little different. 
A little easier.

God, I love days like these!

Hope that you enjoyed visiting the island with us.

Thank you all for your kind words and thoughts regarding our loss of Darla.  Today makes a week and I still can't believe she's gone. 



  1. Hello!
    What a fun time for you and your girls.
    As my children grow and reach adulthood, I am comforted by your words.
    It all goes so quickly!
    Have a cozy evening. : )

  2. It sounds like a perfect day. I know what you mean, I still struggle with that longing for the days when my kids were home. Some of the best years of my life.

  3. Lovely time, was had!

    Don't really know what ages your daughters are. Could be teens, could be older.

    Wonderful that you had this day/memory, together.

    Gentle hugs,
    Luna Crone