Monday, September 25, 2017

Front door before and After

Good Morning.   Happy Monday.

I wanted to update my blog as early as possible but I'm having a hard time seeing the screen this morning.  Sucks getting old.  

Let me drink some more of this coffee...

Are you ready to see our Front Door before and after?
I am so excited. 
If I were talking to you in real life I would tell you,
" I ******* Love it!"

The jalousie door and windows have been the same ever since I moved in with Paul almost 30 years ago.    I was always afraid to change it .. I don't know why but I thought that the door must match the windows.  

The inside door was an old French style door with 15 little dirty windows.  The idea was to get rid of that and the jalousie storm door and go with a single solid front.   We also wanted to have the exterior door frame built up and out so that it looked like it had always been that way.

Isn't it amazing!

Why the heck did we wait so long?

It's all coming together so nice.  The stone steps were repaired back in the spring, Paul installed a new light fixture above the door ,  All that we need to do is hang the canvas awning and the front entry area will be complete.  

See the Dead & Breakfast sign..

I made it out of a cheap wood fence post and a piece of scrap plywood.  super easy!
I covered our street name... just incase there are creepers out there.

Of course,  I can't show off  the updated door and fall décor without my handsome model, Stanley.

Can you tell that I love it!!

I need to get myself together and buy more pumpkins
Have a great day!!!!

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Tuesday happenings and a yummy stuffed shells with broccoli

The other day I made one of our favorite dinners,  Stuffed shells with Broccoli.    Sooooo good.
When Paul and I were first married,  I was 18 and didn't have my drivers license and many of the grocery shopping trips were done together.  Once we bought some frozen Stouffers stuffed shells and we loved them.  It was the first time in 18 years that I had ever eaten cooked broccoli.  I'm sure part of their appeal was the fact that I didn't cook them  ~  I was not the greatest cook back them!

Anyway,  we liked them so much that the next shopping trip we bought the ingredients to try to make our own stuffed shells.  It's been a family favorite ever since.

1 box of large shells
1 bag of chopped frozen broccoli
1 can of diced or stewed tomatoes
1 jar of pasta sauce
1.5 cups of Ricotta cheese
1/2 cup of parmesan cheese
1 cup of mozzarella cheese

Besides getting your hands messy stuffing the shells,  this recipe is very simple.  And like everything I make,  you can give or take to the ingredients .  add more broccoli or less cheese ~ whatever.  It's still gonna taste good!

Boil shells as directed.  let cool.  I normally let mine cool by filling ( and refilling) the pot with cold water and letting them sit in it.  That way they don't stick.

While shell's are boiling,  cook broccoli until soft, drain and let cool.

Mix cooked broccoli with 1 can of drained tomatoes.

Add ricotta and parmesan cheese.  gently toss together.  Add any seasonings that you'd like,  I use salt, pepper and a little garlic.

Drop about a spoonful of mixture inside of the shells and line them up in a casserole dish.  I don't grease my dish,  but you can .

Pour on Pasta sauce

Top with mozzarella,  Cover and Bake @350 for about an hour.

And yummo. 
It's time to EAT!

As you can probably tell by all of the time I wasted by adding cute little green monsters to these recipe photos...  I'm still sitting home waiting for my jeep to be fixed.  Arrrrrrrrrh!!   We're hoping that we will get it back on Wednesday. 

To get myself out of this house today,  I think I will take a wagon up to the local nursery and load up on the pumpkins!   I think Paul is going to install the canvas awning today ~ super excited about that.   The new door already looks amazing. 

Hopefully the next blog post will be some before and afters!!!

Have a great day everyone!

Sunday, September 17, 2017

One of those weeks

Ohhh what a week!!!  I need to take a breather from a breather.  It's been one of those times when everything goes wrong at the same time.    To top the list my oldest daughter's car's breaks gave out while she was on the highway.  Thankfully she managed to get the car pulled over without hurting herself or anyone else.  

* I am thankful for the Maryland Transportation Police officer who helped her until her dad could get there.

Once the car was home we realized that not only had the break lines rusted but the whole undercarriage is rusted also.  Since she works full time outside of the house I've been lending her my Jeep until we find her a new car.  I don't mind..   If I really need it I'll just drop her off at work like I did on Friday. 

Yes,  Friday was great. I knew that I had a busy day ahead so I dropped Michelle at work and did some early Halloween browsing at Target and paint shopping at Lowes.  I treated myself to breakfast and picked up a pretty wreath at Michaels before I headed home to pick Sally up.   Sally had someplace that she needed me to drive her and while she was there I was going to do some much needed grocery shopping ~ our cabinets were on empty.    Poor sally,  we didn't even get out of my neighborhood before my Jeep started acting crazy.   One car payment left and every light on the dash starts flashing and the car would not accelerate over 5 mph and barely made it up the hill to home.  Let me say that again.  ONE CAR PAYMENT LEFT. 

* I am thankful that neither of my girls were driving it when it happened.

So now,  as my car is still in the shop ( of course it would happen on a weekend)  we are down to one vehicle.  The OLD Ford truck that belonged to Paul's father.  Go figure. 

This all combined with Sally's wisdom teeth bothering her,  Paul's inconceivable work schedule, Michelle breaking up with her boyfriend,  someone spilling a gallon of water on their bed, Mechanics not calling when they say they will,  commitments canceled,  uber payments,  telephone buzzing non stop....
It's no wonder I laughed when the lady from Safeway called to tell me that my bank card was declined for my online grocery bill.  

*  Although it's a pain in the ass..  I am thankful for our banks fraud department who froze my card until I could verify my grocery bill.

Good news.  The mechanic finally called to inform us on the tests he will perform on the jeep on Monday. 
My groceries were delivered.
In a few days,  Paul is off for a whole 2 days.
The new door was installed the other day and looks amazing.
My neighbor let me borrow is car to get Michelle to and from work.
Lastly,  we haven't suffered nervous break downs ~ yet.
However I have about 20 margarita's planned for my immediate future.  : )

*It could be worse..  I am thankful for every sane moment that I find. 

Hope that everyone is having a great weekend!!! 

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Septmeber fun


Can you guess what crazy thing Sally and I did last weekend?

That's right.   We went to see the movie "It".
While I was totally prepared to scream and possibly even pee my pants.
It wasn't so bad.
Thankfully, It wasn't even that scary..
The "kids" in the movie really added some comic relief.
Kinda like the Goonies meet a deranged Beetlejuice.

I am knocking out my September bucket list and it's only midway through the month. 

Go to the movies.
fall decorating
read some books

Back before Christmas we replaced our red living room furniture with this grey/blue set and as each new season comes I find myself excited to add new décor to the room.  The greyish color goes with everything... but I think it especially looks good with "Fall".

With our old red furniture, Fall and Halloween décor looked so muted against it..  Now,  the Orange color just pops. 

While still keeping things simple I added some colorful silk leaves to an old black enamel pot that I found at an estate sale.
It really doesn't take much to make me happy.. 
I think that it,  along with the ceramic pumpkin that I purchased at Michael's are the perfect vignette for the coffee table.

Of course, Stanley makes a cute cuddly Love seat vignette.

Isn't this little fox cute?

I found his rusty scale perch at the same estate sale that I got the enamel pot.  Score!

Good news.
Skelly and I have been watching the contractor install the new door all day. 

Bad news.
He's still not finished.


Have a great night everyone!!!

Friday, September 8, 2017

It's beginning to look a lot like Fall

              Who has joined me in the Fall decorating already?
                 I can't wait to see what you all have been doing.

I've been elbow deep in my Fall and Halloween boxes
and truth be told,
I'm just about finished.

Remember that I was working on my Sun porch on the last post?
Those of you who know me know that I loooove Halloween and normally the sun porch would be overloaded with noisy Halloween animations.    This year however,  it's calm and quiet.  I just wanted to create a cozy fall space where I can finish those books,  take a nap or catch up on some blogs.

I did something that I have always wanted to do and hung leaves from the ceiling. Now, I'm mad that I haven't done this sooner..
It's perfect. 

I wish the picture did the room justice.
Just imagine...  
You're sitting out there with good cup of coffee,  the apple pie candle is giving the room ambiance and when the breeze blows through the windows the leaves flutter and dance.

I just love it!

The handsome boys love it too.

I am still waiting for the new door to be installed before I do any decorating to the front of the house, 
but I did add a few touches of fall to the back deck.

I added a row of pretty mums to the gardening table that I made back in the spring.

  since I love orange's and blue's together...
more orange mum's on this old chair.
 I even put my Halloween countdown sign out already.
Of course there are to many days to count.

And now,  I can't wait to add real pumpkins to it all!

I hope that  you all are having fun digging into your fall things too.
I can't wait to see it all.
Have a wonderful weekend.

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Saturday, September 2, 2017

Happy September

Happy September!!!

Do you believe it's already here....
These past few days here in Baltimore have been so cool that it feels like fall is here.   I'm literally wrapped up in a fuzzy blanket right now and it feels awesome.

As a prelude to Fall, I made myself a little September Bucket list of fun things to do this month.

Due to scheduling conflicts our next Tennessee house hunting trip had to be postponed but otherwise everything else should be a go.

It's been forever since I have finished a needle point project and I thought that this would be an easier one since it is printed.
I forgot how bad I am at these things...   but I'm determined to finish it.

There was a time when I could pick up a book and read it for hours.
Nowadays,  it takes me forever.
This month,  I am going to slow it down and read this new Stephenie Meyer's book that's been sitting unopened on my table since July.

There is one thing on the list that I cheated and started a few days ago...

Fall Decorating.

I couldn't wait any longer!

It's just a few touches of fall on the sun porch...
The plaids and many shades of orange are so refreshing.
It makes me want to curl up with that book I've been neglecting.

This year I'm going to do things a little differently on the porch.
No more crazy ghouls floating on cables or screeching witches on broomsticks hanging from the ceiling..

Instead,  I'm going with a simpler shower of Fall leaves and small touches of Halloween.

Of course these guys are patiently waiting around.

Speaking of patiently waiting around..
I've been struggling with my potted pumpkin plant all summer long and as soon as a pumpkin would appear on the vine, it would soon whither and rot away. 
Yesterday I caught a glimpse of something orange and boom...
I've got a pumpkin!!!

A little teeny tiny adorable pumpkin.

I'll leave you with these shots of this beautiful butterfly and it's incredible polka dotted wonder.

Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend.

Monday, August 28, 2017

The weekend

Good Morning Friends.
Happy Monday.

I hope that everyone had a nice weekend.
I spent the weekend doing house stuff and mostly keeping an eye  on storm Harvey in Texas.

Praying for Texans.

As sad as the devastation is to look at,  the American spirit is shining and as I watch the symbolic images of people helping people my soul is rejuvenated by the human race.


Aren't these pretty?
I am not the master gardener that I wish I was, but I do have a few pretty flowers growing in my gardens.

.. and clipping them is my favorite thing to do!

The sunflowers are finally blooming.

I love this cabinet in my kitchen.
It once was a tall china cabinet that belonged to my in laws.
 I removed the top half years ago and earlier this spring I removed the whole back side and bottom of it.

So now it just slides right over top of the ugly radiator.
The drawer is still functional... but it probably wouldn't be a good idea to leave my chocolate stash in there.

On Saturday night the girls and I did some cookie decorating.
Although they both graduated high school years ago
I still miss the Back To School excitement.

They don't.

But they do still like cookies.  : )

I used basic royal icing and rolled sugar cookie recipes to make some pencils, gym socks (boot)  and apples ( which is actually a pumpkin).

Just to let you know... 
I'm sorry but the girls and I have no plans on opening a bakery any time soon.

Decorating cookies looks so easy online...
Ours, as usual, are a hot mess.

Most of the cookies we made to give to our "little" neighbors who start back to school next week.  

Of course I had to make one for their mom.

And one for me.


I'll leave you with a photo of my boys.  Sharky the Golden recently got a hair cut and his coat is nice and fuzzy.
He's been very spunky since I shaved him ..
I think he likes it because we can't keep our hands off of it.

Stanley..  gosh I can't even believe it, will be a year old in November and don't let his cuteness fool you.. 
he is as ornery as ever.

Have a great new week everyone.