Saturday, May 19, 2018

charlottes blog takeover

In here... this is where they are.

your turn. 
Get in mom.

Now you gotta dig..

No.  Not like that!
Here,  I'll show you.
If you keep digging you might find a fat one.
Mom is no fun,  she wont let me eat the worms..
but I did bring 2 juicy ones to Sally,
Maybe she'll eat them.
.... and now I have to go because Mom says I gotta take a bath!
See my excited expression...
I'm not very happy about that!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Girl date at the National Harbor

Last week I went on a girl date with my great friend Karen.
 While we had our ladies night all planned out..
Things don't always work out as planned.

We booked a room at the Gaylord in the National Harbor.
 The National Harbor is in Maryland but just down the river from DC.
 The hotel is beautiful and HUGE.
You don't even need to leave the courtyard inside.
While our original room was great,  there were issues with a very noisy air conditioner so we were upgraded to a better room on the 17th floor.
One of the first things on our to-do list was to attend Tea time at Trump International hotel in DC.
We decided that taking the water taxi would be more fun and while we were waiting for our boat to DC we were informed that the boat broke down...
So we altered our destination and took another boat across the river to Alexandria Va.
There's a very charming little town in Alexandria called Old Town.
It's perfect for local shopping and dining. 
Those shoes (above) are crazy right?
You can't see it,  but the price tag reads $64.99!
I thought about splurging..  
  Because who wouldn't want a pair of purple heels with a Christmas ball glued on. 
Karen and I walked, browsed, and walked, tested many appetizers, and walked some more before we made our way back to the Harbor area.
Meanwhile,  I forgot to mention.
When we checked into the hotel I realized that the Texas hotel charges that were charged to my bank account that morning were not from the Gaylord.
In fact, my brand new bank card that I had just activated the day before had over $500 worth of fraudulent activity.  
 Needless to say,  I was a little stressed out.
FYI:  The only place I had registered my new card was my app..  
I am convinced that the fraud came from that site. 
Thankfully Karen kept me laughing as usual and we still had a great time.
Neither one of us drink much,  but we did order a round of Tiramisu Martini's with our delicious pizza. 
And as promised,  we rode the giant Ferris wheel after dinner.

Party animals that we are...
We were back in our room and tucked in our comfy beds by 11pm.

As I was stressing about getting in touch with my bank, We came home a little earlier than planned.    And although we had to make some changes to our girl date,  I had the best time.  I love my time with Karen.
When I got home I still hadn't heard from our bank so I drove over to the local branch to handle things in person.   I had to file some reimbursement paperwork and cancel the card ~  everything is back to normal now.
I'm wondering if they will ever find the loser who booked the 2 night stay in a Texas Marriot hotel in my name. 
That was a week ago and I've been home tackling house projects since I got back.  I'll show you what fun I've been up to in the next post.
Hope that you all are well and enjoying some beautiful spring weather.

Monday, May 7, 2018

A roof and some water

 Good Morning and Happy Monday!!
I'm really hoping to see some sunshine today so that I can get some stuff done outside.
Thursday the roofers arrived bright and early.   I believe the temperature was somewhere in the mid 90's ~  which I can't imagine how those guys get up there and do what they do in the heat.   I filled a cooler with a case of bottled water and ice hoping that it would help them out.
Paul stayed home and supervised the dogs while Michelle and I took the inflatable Kayak out for our first trip on the water this year.
It was nice and calm inside of the creek that flows between the golf course.
When I take the paddle board through there I am always afraid of being a golf ball target.
Although it was hot,  the wind forecast was higher than I would prefer.   Normally I would have stayed close by the shoreline..  but we were feeling a little adventurous , and decided to go across to the island.   

On the real boat it takes about 5 mins...   when paddling it takes close to an hour to get there.    It's  best early in the morning when there aren't many boats around.  

Since there is a small ( military I think) airport nearby we often see teams of  A-10 jets fly over.  Sometimes they are so close that you can see the pilot in the cockpit.  You wave at them and they tip their wing back at you ~  it's very cool.
On this day we watched a pair of helicopters..  which,  you'd think we'd be desensitized,  but we still have to stop and watch them fly past.

If Paul were here he would tell you the exact name of them.  Me..  I would just say, " cool! look! Army Helicopters!!

  Don't worry..   we put on life vests on before we crossed the channel area.  

   Once you are tucked in front of the shore line the water calms..   This is about the point where I would normally jump in to cool down.  But not yet..  the water is still toooo cold!!

Last year I jumped in sometime in april ,  I was in the middle of nowhere and well..  I had to pee.  The first impact just about knocked the breath out of me.   

We paddled over to the farther, more popular section of the island.  This is the same beach that we used to bring our girls to.  It's so strange...  Michelle was 3 and sally was just 8 months.  Now,  there I was, 24 years later, sitting on the beach having lunch with my 27 year old daughter.  

      I'm happy to see that the water is much clearer than I remember.

    Here's my pretty girl.   She and I did a lot of laughing as we struggled to paddle home.  The wind and waves were giving us a serious workout!!   Unfortunately Sally had to work and couldn't join us...   I'm hoping that maybe she and I can get out next weekend sometime. 

When we got home the roofers were working in full force.  Most of the upper roof was scraped off and down to bare wood.   A lot of which was rotten and needed replaced. 
The soffit and trim also needed replaced.
You would not believe the size of the squirrel nest that was in the soffit next to the chimney.
Sadly a family of Squirrels,  Starlings, and hornets all needed to find new homes.
 It took them 2 days to finish and we love it.
Of course it's been cold and rainy since they finished so we haven't been able to get outside and neaten things up.
 Check out these after photos that the contractor took with his drone. 
It's kinda cool seeing the house from this view.
it's so small... yet on the inside,  when I am cleaning it..
it's too big. lol

Nice right!
They did a great job!
Next up..

This is fun to look at..
This is the old photo that is on Google maps
And now.
I'm so happy with the color choices!  
not to drastic but enough to stand out.
And our green barricade..  it's working.
The sun is shining and I am about to head outside to do some touch up painting on the deck. 
Have a wonderful Monday everyone!!!


Wednesday, May 2, 2018

A little Wednesday post

Wow!!   What a beautiful day!
The sun was shining and although it was 90' outside,  the breeze didn't make it feel to bad.
Remind me to send Mother Nature a Thank you note.
I spent the morning running errands.
Wednesday is my weigh in day and I was very excited to see how I did this week.
I knew it was going to be good...  because I took advantage of a lot of 0 point foods last week.
Down 4 pounds!!
Now,  that's worth celebrating!
Thanks to my neighbor,  I picked myself a beautiful bouquet of Lilacs.
Her purple bush is overflowing with gorgeous blooms.
It was difficult for me not to get greedy.
We have a white lilac bush that barely has 5 blooms on it.
I'm wondering if we should cut it back before next year...  maybe that will help.
Can't you just smell them...
See my cute Wave ring?
It's a constant reminder of where I long to be.
It is supposed to be in the mid 90's and Michelle and I have a date with the Kayak.
Can't wait!
Sandy beach here I come!

This girl...
She took over the place!
I added a few new things to the sun porch .
I found both the bunting and hot air balloons on amazon.
Isn't it dreamy.
Like literally..   I can sit out there and daydream forever.
It's definitely a great place to relax and work on a puzzle.
And it's quite common to find this at my feet.
Feel sorry for anyone who knocks on the front door..
 The killer choir welcoming committee will send unwanted visitors away fast.
On to the Roof...
Nope.  No roof yet.
Looking on the bright side,  I took advantage of the nice weather and finally finished painting the upper back of the siding.   I had been putting it off because the soffit in one section was hanging and full of birds. 
The more I thought about it..   I decided to battle the birds and the bees and paint it before the new roof is installed.   If I had spilled or dripped paint on the new shingles Paul would have my head.
They say that they are 100% coming tomorrow.
We'll see.
Time to get some rest before we hit the water tomorrow.
I doubt that I'll even be able to sleep.
Wishing you all a happy and beautiful Thursday.

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Bullet Journal

Happy Sunday Friends.
I've been sitting here watching Pioneer Woman for a few hours..
Not good when you are trying to stick with your weight watchers plan.
But man,  she makes great stuff!! 
 My agenda for today is to try and shake this bad mood that I am in.
The roofers who were supposed to be here today cancelled again ( 4th time) claiming that they are still behind on other projects due to the rain...  I get it,  but I am still very annoyed about it. 
  I guess they'll come when the come. 
Meanwhile,  I still can't do anything in my yard. 
I've mentioned it before,   I started a bullet journal a few months ago and I thought I'd share some of it with you today.
Both of my daughters keep them and talked me into keeping a journal for myself.
I have to say.. it really helps keep me motivated and organized.
Plus,  it gives me something to do when I can't do what I want to do. 
At first I started out with a smaller one,  but then I found this one ~  I guess I would call it a medium ~  at Joanne Fabrics.
I didn't take a picture but there are pockets inside of the cover to hold important things.. like your drivers license, coupons, etc.
I have mine split up in sections..
The first few pages are upcoming things and my weeky health trackers.
See my pajama's?
I'm excited about an upcoming trip to St. Petes.
I covered up the hotel/flight info just in case there are creepers..  or those nosey frenemies.
(Weird that frenemies is even a word)
We did finally come to the conclusion that Florida will be our next home.
This trip is just to relax, but the following will be neighborhood scouting.
These are my health trackers
Where I keep track of all of those bad habits.
My goal is the eat at least 5 fruits and veggies a day.
3 16oz bottles of water
and to get 30 minutes of exercise per day.
You can see where I struggled last week.
But this week I'm doing great!!
Next is the daily planner section where I give myself a list of things that need to be done. 
I also add something that I am grateful for that day. 
Next - Next week will be fun...
My friend Karen and I are heading to DC for a girls pajama party.
We're attending a Tea at Trump International hotel,  Hanging out at the National Harbor ( where I really want to ride the Ferris wheel) and the next morning we are heading to the Virginia side for some shopping/lunch.
That weekend is the Hot Air Balloon festival here in Maryland that my girls and I are planning to attend.  Sally and I have gone before ~  it's super cool.
There is a section for prayers.  
When I find a prayer that I love and that applies to a situation I may have,
I jot it down here.
Sometimes I just write my Thank You's in this section.
Like today..   Thank you God for granting me the patience and strength NOT to cuss the roofers last night.
There is a section to help me stay organized and plan my blog posts.

A place to write daily happenings and some of my favorite recipes.
I haven't made these tartlets yet... but the recipe sounded good. 
My spring cleaning list.

A paddle board log  - so I know exactly how often I used my board.
Maybe next week.

And my April turned May bucket list that I haven't checked anything off yet.

There are so many possibilities for your journal.
Keep track of your health,  books you've read, Money you spend,  movies you want to see... 
Just add a few doodles and fun stickers and you've got it!
My battery is about to die ..
I will leave you with a photo of my new favorite shirt.
  that's how I am feeling after the roofing company alerted us that they we not coming today.   Ughhh...  
I am also still wearing a nicotine patch..  which makes me pretty salty. 
Have a great new week!