Thursday, November 16, 2017

A Birthday, A Memory, Books, Boston's and some Shade

Happy week before Thanksgiving!   Are you ready?    Although I haven't purchased the groceries needed,  nor have I worked out the time or menu...  I am ready. :  )    Over the years our gatherings have gotten smaller and smaller,  so it's pretty simple. 

On Tuesday the 14th our youngest daughter Sally turned 19.  She is very edgy, funky, kind and beautiful and quite honestly one of the sweetest people that you would ever meet.  The world needs more Sally's! 

For her birthday I made her this awesome chocolate and cheesecake layered cake.   
It's no wonder I went up 3.2 lbs when I weighed in at weight watchers this week.   ughhh.  

On the 14th I also spent the day remembering my dad who has been gone for 25 years that day.    Most of you know,  I lost my both of my parents way too soon.  My dad was just my age (45) when he died.   This year he would have been 70 ... still young enough to be seated at our Thanksgiving table. 
Although I always miss them, the holiday season really makes me reflect on years passed and makes me miss the family who raised me even more. 

You know who else I miss...   My little boo Darla!    Why is it that I seem to find more "Darla" stuff in the stores now?   Look at this adorable coffee mug that I got the other day.    Darla driving my favorite Red truck...   I squealed with delight when I saw it!

Oh,  and I gotta tell you,  Coffee tastes so much better in this mug.

And that brings me to this little girl.  She's growing!!!   We are picking her up on the first week of December - 16 more days to be exact.    I can not wait to get my hands on her..   she's already claimed my heart and we haven't even met yet.  : )


To pass the time,  when I'm not working on projects or parties,  I've been nose deep in this book.   I finished it last week and I loved it.
I will tell you that at first,  I wasn't crazy about the lead heroine but she grew on me as the story unfolded.    The older people however..  I LOVED!!!  Their bickering and tales had me laughing throughout the book.   

Next on my reading agenda is this one that was recommended by an Instagram friend.   I don't even know what it's about but I usually love Debbie Macomber's book's so I'm pretty sure this one won't disappoint. 

Lastly..  I will leave you with this photo that my cousin recently sent to me.  
That's right...   That's me sometime in the early 70's.
Every time I look at that silly face I smile,
Seems that nothing has really changed.
I am still exactly the same..  only I'm allowed to cuss now.

Have a great weekend everyone.  
See you soon.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Do you want to paint a snowman... : )

Good Morning and Happy Monday.   I couldn't sleep again so I figured that it would be a great time to update my blog.   My house is in complete seasonal chaos.   Thanksgiving, Christmas, and there are even still a few Halloween leftovers lurking around.  This transitional time is always difficult and fun for me...  I get filled with a crazy Christmas decorating anticipation ~  and this year,  I feel like its worse.   I believe it's a combination of things,  the cold weather, the 24 hours of nonstop Christmas movies on Hallmark that I have already burned my family out on,  Christmas music playing in my car and in the stores....   
Falalalala.   I'm so excited!!

So yes,  my sunporch is filled with countless boxes of decorations just waiting for me to dig out.   Besides the porch,  I will wait until the day after Thanksgiving to put it up. 

Another thing that has gotten me in the festive spirit is this snowman painting that I've been working on.   Friday was the first snowman paint party of the season and the painters did an amazing job.   I was relieved since they were my practice group ~   I have 2 more snowman parties coming up and the one this weekend is for 50+ people.  Yikes.   : )   I'm anxious to see how they all do. 

"Do you want to Paint a snowman?"

My seasonal transition gift to you are the snowman painting instructions.   He's actually quite easy and you only need a few colors and supplies.

Paint colors:
black.  white.  red. green. orange

1 square'ish  sponge brush
1 round sponge brush
1 med sized paint brush
1 black sharpie marker to cheat and do the outlining
and something to paint on

This is one of the finished snowman from last weeks party ..
Cute right!!!!!

Wishing you all a great week.
If you get creative... but sure to show me.  : )
Happy painting.

Friday, November 3, 2017

Halloween and some exciting news

Happy November friends!

I am really falling behind on everything. 

Although the season and Halloween were truly awesome,  I think that I overdid it over the past few weeks.   Just a few days before Halloween it caught up to me and I was bitten by some kind of flu bug and knocked on my behind for a few days.  

As of today,  I am feeling much better and just trying to get things back in order. 

This is my beautiful princess on Halloween.  It's funny,  my girls are very much the same as they were as tiny littles.   Michelle was always very feminine and lived in her Disney dresses.  I used to have to bribe her just to wash her peasant Belle dress.   Nowadays you will still find her wearing ordinary clothes that resemble her favorite Disney dresses. 

And my beautiful super hero Sally was obsessed with Spiderman from the time that she could talk.   Spiderman everything.  I even painted a large spider man on the back of her door when she was little.    After wearing the same one piece spiderman costume 3 Halloweens in a row,  at some point I had to hide the extremely too small costume that she loved.  ( I think I still have it in my attic)  

Since everyone's schedules are different it's rare that we are all home at the same time anymore.  It's very hard to plan anything.
Halloween was no different,  when michelle was due to come home from work,  sally was leaving...
And I really wanted a picture of my girls together!!!

So I had my friend exercise some of his amazing photo shop skills on my girls so that we can pretend.  : )

Halloween evening was one of my best since the girls were little.
Paul and I just hung out on the front porch eating and laughing
( or in my case... coughing)
It was very calm and the perfect ending to October.

I hope that you all had a great Halloween season also!

Now it's time to start thinking about thanksgiving.


I've got big news to share with you.
I am so excited that I can't do much of anything without thinking about it. 

At the end of the month I will be mom to a baby Boston Terrier!!!

Here she is ( the lighter shade brown) in the video below.. 

isn't she the most adorable thing!!!!

These past 3 months without Darla have been tough.  I have missed her more than I can ever express and I have soooo much Darla love to give to this little girl.   I literally cry every time I see her and I am in love with her already.

Hopefully our big boys will love her too.  : )

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend.

I am going to spend the weekend catching up on blogs. books and cleaning.  I will see you all soon!

Friday, October 27, 2017

ghouls night

Hi Friends. 
It's the last weekend of October and I had to slow down and visit my blog buddies!!! I have missed you all!

It's been a crazy two weeks preparing for the Halloween party and I'm actually happy to tell you that it's over!!!  : )  Sheeesh.
Although there was some confusion ( mostly on my part) on the type of party this was supposed to be,  my first impression was that it was an actual Halloween party for clientele and then it turned out to be a Ghoul's night Boo-tox party where there were big discounts on face peels and injectables.   Didn't matter to me,  I was having fun and getting paid the same either way.  : )

I went earlier this week to do some pre decorating.  You'll recognize most of the décor,  since I stole it from my house!

I made so many goodies this week that I don't even want to look at my stove right now.     The cauldron cupcakes were a boxed chocolate mix with homemade rum buttercream frosting.  
I only half cheated.
I also made almond shortbread fingers and toes,   chocolate covered cherry mice,  cookies and cream parfait and some chocolate pretzel broomsticks.

This is the crew that makes Dr Horowitz practice such a special place.   Although the Doctor makes a good Dr Evil,  he's actually very handsome in real life. 

I made this green vodka/ melon punch that I saw online. 
I am terrible at making drinks and this one just reiterated it.
But I must say that the raspberry syrup filled syringes redeemed it just a bit.

This is Michelle, the office manager who hired me for this fun job.
Do you know who she is dressed up as?

She's this chick from 2 Broke Girls!

What would a Halloween party at a Plastic surgeon's office be without a game of bobbing for boobies.
( messed up but funny)

The party went very well and everyone loved the decorations and sweets.  I even landed 2 more jobs.

As fun as it was,  it was exhausting and I am super happy to be finished.  

Behind the scenes

Oh...  the things that happened to Skelly this week. 
I'm going to have to send him to church on Sunday.

Oh,  and I forgot to tell you...
In the midst of party planning I decided to redo my kitchen.

I'll be back to show you the fresh new look.

Have a wonderful spooky weekend.
I am heading to a haunted attraction with my girls.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Skelly takes a trip

 Eeeek!!! Is that a Spooky Scary Skeleton?

It's okay,  it's just Skelly looking for his relatives

That's right!   Sally and I took Skelly on a little road trip to the tiny family cemetery that sits neglected in the middle of our neighborhood.    We could have walked,  but lets be real ... 
  2 blonde white girls walking with a skeleton in this Baltimore neighborhood -  Not a good idea!

The Biddison family cemetery has been here since the late 1700's and has almost 75 graves,  some of them unmarked and many of the beautiful tombstones have been knocked down and lay under the overgrown ground cover.  It's very sad,  what has happened to this place ( to this city that I grew up in).

Skelly felt right at home as he rested his rickety bones against the tree. 

It's oddly beautiful isn't it.    I love the old fence.

I wonder what is brave enough to live in that tree...

You may have seen us visit this cemetery before.  Paul and I used to stop here when we would take the atv out for a "snow ride".

No Skelly!  I will not rub your feet!!

He's such a ham!

And of course,  he didn't want to leave so we bribed him with this red balloon.

It took a lot of searching but I finally found more information on The Biddison family and some of the history of my neighborhood.    This article was published in the Baltimore Sun in 1950 and,  if you are from this area, it's a very interesting read.  I enjoyed learning more about the family who's remains still rest here. 

Hope you enjoyed Skelly's adventure.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Beware of the Venus Fly Traps

For those who dare approach the door
for candy and other Halloween lore,
Be very careful and quick on your feet
Or these Venus fly traps will make you their treat!

I can't believe that I keep forgetting to show you all the crown jewel of our outdoor Halloween decorations.  I saw them on Hallmark Home and Family (my favorite morning show) last year and I knew that I had to make my own.

They were actually quite easy and inexpensive to make. 

To make one of your own you will need: 

1 large carvable pumpkin
1 tree branch
x-acto knife
duct tape
green spray paint
hot glue
Moss/ bugs/ birds

I took tutorial photos... but I have no idea what happened to them so I will just explain the process.  It's simple.

1. Start at the BOTTOM of the pumpkin and carve the mouth.  I drew mine on with a sharpie marker first.   You can start by drawing an oval on the very bottom..  and go from there.

2. At the top of the pumpkin - you cut a hole in the stem -  this is where you will attach the (upside down) pumpkin onto the branch.

3.  Attach the pumpkin/stem to the branch.   Use duct tape ( lots of duct tape)  to secure it in place.   You can also use duct tape to attach extra twigs and vines now .

4.  Spray paint the whole thing green

5.  Using hot glue or wire,  add moss, bugs and birds.

* I wanted the mouths to light up so I poked a tiny hole on the "head" and added the top of a garden solar light to it so that the tiny light fits through the hole.

I put mine in my flower urns but you could add a spike to the bottom and put them in your yard.

Happy munching