Friday, June 16, 2017

70 days

Once upon a time there was a girl with a blog.   And sometimes she updated the blog.  The end.

Hi friends.  I hope that you all are doing well.   I've been good.  There are things going on,  but no more then usual.   I do however have some great news.  

70 days ago today I smoked my last cigarette!!  and gained 20 pounds.    
Once I had made it to the 2 month point I joined weight watchers and also signed up to do my first 5k.  Practicing for it has given me to push I need to keep moving.  5 mornings a week I have been doing at least 2 miles.   I try to jog a little but these lungs just aren't ready yet so I mostly walk. FAST!  
 I gotta tell you...  I am feeling AMAZING!

The family is good.
The house is good.
The pups are good.
Life is good!

( Now,  because it takes me so long to finish,  I am on day 75)

Saturday, April 1, 2017

some outdoor projects done

Hi friends.
Happy Tuesday
Actually, Tuesday is almost over so ....
Happy Wednesday!

Never mind...
Happy Weekend!!!  

I tried.  lol

It's almost 6pm on this cold Saturday and I am already in my pajamas vegging out with a hot coffee and a little Scandal marathon. 
But if I need an excuse to be lazy...  it's a great show!

We had a beautiful day last week and I was unlazy and finally able to put the new deck furniture together.    I even put a fresh coat of paint on the floor boards.

This is the first time ever that we aren't using a standard table and chairs.
I am loving the set up, colors and the pillows.
All that we need now are some flowers.

Hopefully I'll see a little more sunshine this month..
I can't wait to sit out here with a book.

I've got a pile of other projects going on...

I made this potting table a few weeks ago and I also can not wait to fill it with colorful flowers.

Thanks to the awesome cordless tools that Paul gave me for Christmas it was super easy to make.

First thing was to measure and saw holes on the top piece that will hold flower pots.

Then I trimmed out the top.
(You can see that I did all this before I repainted the deck. )

Added 2x4s for legs and used some of the extra trim as added support on the legs,

(These aren't the greatest instructions..  but hopefully you get the idea.)

After painting the whole thing white, I added the pots and the window .
and now..  come on nice weather ~  I really want to add some plants!

The deck is going to be so cozy this summer. 
Can't wait!!!!

Sorry for the short crappy posts lately. 

Have a wonderful weekend all.
Hope that you are basking in some great weather.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

A little spring cleaning and some new curtains

It may look like spring inside
but outside is a whole other story.

We hardly had any snow this winter and wouldn't you know it,  it is snowing on this day before spring.

Go figure.
I've got boxes of new deck furniture  that's just waiting for me to assemble..

Since it's to cold to play outside,  I've started to get some spring cleaning done inside of the house. 
And boy does it need it!

Our pellet stove is in the dining room and as much as we love how
it saves us a ton of money on heating oil , it also puts out a lot of dust.  Layers upon layers of lovely dust. 

Oh btw,  How do you like my new curtains?

I found them for $20 a pair and for a girl who is afraid of patterned curtains...   I LOVE them!!!

New fresh curtains and a whole lot of dusting and washing and this room is just about done.
I've still got to shampoo the carpet.

The rest of the house is a work in progress.  There are some things that just have to wait ~  like washing the windows and possibly giving the kitchen a fresh coat of color.

 I did make some simple muslin curtains for the kitchen using an iron and fusible webbing.  
I don't sew!

super easy!

That's it from here. 
I want to apologize for being slow to get around the blog block.  I'm coming.

Hope that everyone is having a great weekend.
Happy Spring!!!!!

Friday, March 10, 2017

Accessory station before and after

To say the least, 
It's been a crazy start to march around here.

Every time I plan to sit down with my blog
something else takes priority.

This morning,  as I sit here with my breakfast watching the snow fall outside of the window, 
I am determined to update before the day gets to busy.

I'm gonna skip over the craziness and move right on to something fun.
I can't remember If I told you guys about the old screen door that Paul and I found in the garage.
After 30 years of living in this house,  it was found in the one final uncharted territory ..
the garage loft.

and I was determined to do something with it...

Do you remember this corner of my bedroom?

I love having my girly stuff within easy reach but I was in the mood for a little change.
That's where the screen door comes in to play.

With a few tools and my helper,  I unassembled the blue shadow box and used some of the pieces to make shelves for my new accessory station.

It was a pretty simple project..

Of course, once the door and shelves were mounted, it needed bunting and lots of branches to hang things.

Cute right!!!

I am planning on adding a few decorative hooks below the bottom shelf to hold some of my favorite scarves.

Sheesh..  that's a whole lot of purple.
I often think about repainting my bedroom... but the truth is,  much to Paul's dismay, I like the lilac color. 

I love having all of my favorite pieces at my fingertips.

With as busy as we've been,  it sure does make me feel good when  I accomplish a small makeover like this one. 
It's perfect.
( well,  besides that ugly cord showing from behind the screen!)

I hope you all enjoyed the screen door repurpose.
It's time for me to get dressed and ready to roll. 

Have a wonderful weekend.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Happy Mardi Gras!!!

Happy Mardi Gras friends.
.. or should I say happy fat Tuesday.
After all of the taste testing and spoon licking that I've done this morning,  I totally understand the term Fat Tuesday!!

King cake.. No, I did not bake it.

But I did put together a Cajun Shrimp and Rice Casserole that I found on pinterest.

I'm excited  hungry for tonight's Mardi Gras dinner,  I even whipped up a few purple deviled eggs

I am also excited for Lent.
I'm still trying to figure out what I will give up/begin during this holy season.
The #1 thing on my list is to stop eating in my car.
That means.. no more fast food!! 

I would also like to attend church more often
and get more outdoor exercise.

What about you guys..  will you be giving up anything or maybe starting something new?

While I prepare to put this casserole in the oven,  I will leave you all with some old pictures from our New Orleans trip a few years ago.
Such a cool town.

Have a great night!!!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

tiny houses...

Oh my goodness guys.
I have been totally inspired to play with the dollhouses that have sadly been sitting collecting dust since the fall.  Recently while browsing pinterest for ideas, I came across a blog that I couldn't stop reading.   People are so incredibly talented!! 
If you are into the dollhouses and miniatures,
 check out Cinderalla Moments  -  I promise that you will enjoy looking around.   Along with beautiful photos of her projects,  there are many tutorials to inspire.   I swear,  You will want to build a dollhouse after visiting.

My houses are out on the sunporch,
there is heat out there... but not much and it gets pretty chilly during those cold winter days.

Since it's been in the 60's this week,  Its been nice enough to play.


You see my other baby tucked in behind them?
Soon I'll be getting it wet,  meanwhile I'll do some spring cleaning around all of the houses -
real and tiny.

I decided that I wanted to give the dollhouses a little makeover.  That's always fun!
Wouldn't it be nice if we could just dump out the contents of our own house and start from scratch?

The blue house is going to get a new room.. sorta.
Remember back when I added the sunroom on to the side... it's still my favorite room in this house.
As in real life...  I was never crazy about the open floor plan in this house.  I like little tiny nooks and unexpected spaces.

With the door being in the center of this house it's difficult to make any drastic changes unless I wanted to overhaul the whole thing..  and I'm not qualified to do that. lol.

The only thing that I am going to add is this little wall to separate the kitchen and living areas.
Once I have it in place, next is some trim, wall paper and fresh paint.

Since this one needs the most TLC, I want to take my time and do it right.

The other house,  that I call the pink house,  is in pretty good shape and doesn't need much.  Remember that I bought this one at the goodwill for $8.00 ~ 

The one thing that I did notice with this house is that there was room at the top of that tall bedroom for an attic space.

so I added one.

and it has the same wallpaper as our attic.

I'm really excited about working on the upstairs bedrooms.  I never seem to get that far.
For this room I added a vintagy wallpaper.

And the other I just wallpapered one wall with a pretty pink.  

neither of the rooms are finished yet..   I am waiting for some new furniture to be delivered.

Downstairs in the kitchen I added a new floor... aka scrapbook paper.

And I set the high table for Easter breakfast.

Once I get things into a semi planned shape,  I can start making new stuff.
Meanwhile, I am having a great time planning it all out.

Today, while Paul and I had Stanley at the vet, we stopped in petsmart for some toys.. 
and I found these tiny aquatic plants for less then 5.00 ~  they will be perfect in these little clay pots.

I forgot how much fun this is!!!!

Until next time...
You know where I'll be.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!