Sunday, February 17, 2019

4 months

 Why are Michael Myers and Laurie Strode staring back at you?
They are here because that is where I left off.


I'm sorry to have dropped off of the blog so unexpectedly and for so long.
To my defense...  time did go by really fast!!
Look at us,  we're already heading toward March.

The crazy thing is...
I have not turned on this laptop since October when I last updated.
Now,  I remember why I hate it so much. 
It's a horrible junky machine.

Sooo..  to try to catch up with the short and sweet version..
 Halloween was awesome.
Both the season and the movie.
November brought the passing of my mom's  brother.
My uncle Jeff was the last of my elder relatives
and his loss was just another reminder of how fast life passes us by.
 Thanksgiving was calm and nice. 
As always, there was much to be thankful for. 
( looking at this picture makes me miss fall)

Christmas was so nice. 
The season was busy as usual but we did take time to have some family fun.
Of course I was sick during the first week of December...
we always get sick around the holidays.
Stanley went back for his follow up appointment and his leg was healing wonderfully.
The doctor put off the 2nd surgery until he absolutely needs it.
Which,  at 5K a leg,  we were okay with postponing the surgery.
As you can see...  he is getting around well!
Back when I last updated this blog
I had begun working on the ultimate self challenge.
If you've been with me long enough, 
you know that this isn't the first time.
But..  it is the most successful. 
I stopped in mid-October by using nicotine patches and gum.
 I drew a set of lungs in my planner and every day that I did not smoke I colored a slice of lung pink.
It seemed to take forever to reach those first 30 days.
And look at me now,  122 Days!
Oh..  and I gave up the nicotine replacements on New Years Eve.
I think I conquered the beast!
I picked up a new hobby this year too..
The Holidays, quitting smoking and premenopause have really added the pounds to my waist.
I mean,  these pounds are in deep...  Even after hiking over 30 miles this week,  I can not shake them!!!    
But I'm gonna keep lacing my boots and moving!
Valentines Day.
This brings me to a very special thank you.
We celebrated a nice little simple Valentines in our house.
 I mean..  what's better than a heart themed dinner!
Every week I write "update Blog" in my planner
 and it was this special Valentines card that gave me the extra push this week.

And look who it's from...

I'm sure you all know Melinda from Country Dreaming.
She is a sweetheart!
Thank you so much Melinda for getting me motivated to fight this computer again.  : )
I missed participating in the valentine card party this year..
I tried,  I just couldn't get everyone's schedule to mesh.
I greatly appreciate those of you who reached out to me.
I love my bloggy friends!!!!   
As for now.. 
I had 3 teeth pulled this morning,
I'm going to spend the evening much like I do on any other night..
chilling with my fur babies. 
I miss reading and being inspired by each and every one of you.
see you soon.

Friday, October 19, 2018

Friday Favorites and happenings

Yay!  It's Friday!
Not that it matters around here.. 
with Paul's wacky schedule, our Friday can fall on any day of the week.
To honor Friday I thought that I'd share a few favorites from this week ( and last).
October has been a fun month.
1.  The pumpkin patch.
Remember those random pumpkin plants that were growing in my garden?
The larger plant has traveled all of the way to the back of our house and up the on to the deck, 
This is the view from my dining room window.
Also in the window you can see another favorite thing of mine...
The beautiful stained glass piece that my bloggy friend Lynn from Happier than a pig in mud made for me in 2009.
Lynn,  I can't even believe have fast time has gone!!
And Houston we have a funky pumpkin!!
One very heavy pumpkin that survived all of the rain that we've had.
I took this photo about 2 weeks ago,  it's even bigger now.
2.  Daughter dates.
Last week Michelle and I went to see our favorite musical, Les Miserables.
This was my 3rd time seeing it and it never gets old!
The worst part...  
My household has had to listen to us singing Les Mis songs for the past week.
My girls have such different tastes in music.
Like me,  they both love the crooners,  but while Michelle loves classical and musicals,
Sally is repulsed by it and listens to rock music like her dad.
in fact,  their personal styles really reflect their music tastes.
weird,  I never really noticed that before.
3.  Puppy Birthdays.
This week we celebrated Sharky's 10th birthday.
We loaded him into sally's car and took him to petco on a little shopping spree where he found many goodies.
 Check out his snazzy new sweater! 
What's crazy is that Sharky is now the same age that Sally was when she received
puppy Sharky for her birthday.  
   Since we couldn't bring him home until a few weeks after her birthday,  we gave her a photo album filled with the tiny sharky photos that we took when we picked him out.
And this means that Sally will be 20 next month. 
Will the years please slow down!!
4.  Halloween Dinners etc.
Of course,  I have been playing with my food!
This is my favorite creation so far.
Broken Glass Cheesecake bars.
I saw Trisha Yearwood make them on a Food network Halloween special.
my family was totally disgusted by them.
5.  Best Friend Dates.
My best friend Karen and I try to get together at least once a month.
Sometimes with just meet up for a pizza and other times we do something fun like take a weekend trip. 
This is she and I back in 2012,
 the year we visited Salem during Halloween.
That was so much fun!
Yesterday we met up at the local farm for some fall fun and to celebrate her 52nd birthday.
 we enjoyed some sights and sounds,
But mostly we just sat on a bench enjoying coffee, apple cider donuts and great conversation.
Doesn't get much better than that!
I truly cherish our friendship.
She may not be my sister by blood..
but she is my sister by heart.
Did I mention the donuts!
And it is Donuts or Doughnuts?
I've always been a little confused by that.
: )
I hope that you all have had a great week also.
I am still having trouble commenting on a few blogs.
hopefully I will figure that out today.
I can comment from my phone which leads me to believe it's a pc connection problem.
Have a wonderful weekend!!!!

Monday, October 15, 2018

A haunting we will go

This weekend we had the perfect fall weather for some outdoor Halloween fun. 
And what is more fun than hanging out at the local haunt with my family!

Nowadays,  with my girls busy schedules, it is unusual that everyone is able to do something at the same time.    Nothing makes me happier.
Paul had a great time.
He found a bowl of his favorite lollypops and he met some new friends to take selfies with.

He cracks me up with this stuff!!!

It's a good thing that we had these guys to keep us on our toes for the 2 hours..
2 hours.
that we were in line.
Honestly,  my feet were cold and my knees felt like they were ready to give out,
 but I didn't care.
I loved every second of it.
One of my favorites was this sweet little Michael Myers and her buddy
 who stopped terrorizing the line long enough to take a picture with Sally.
So cute!!
And Sally,  I should mention..  hates haunts!

Paul took this picture of me playing a scarecrow.
Thanks to my editing,  the crows seem to like me. 
I'm pretty sure it is my spooky ghost socks that they like. 

I was ready,
Not only was I wearing spooky socks,
but I also wore my favorite eyeball bracelet and the beautiful new witch earrings that were a gift from my neighbors.
While Paul and I were both cheesing for the camera
our kids were being silly.
This was the first time that Paul and I got to spend some family time with Michelle's new friend.
We like him a lot and he seems to fit right in.

Sally and Dylan... 
they look like they are hiding from paparazzi.
They are the cutest. 

I love this gang and although it was chilly, 
 the line went on forever and the haunt wasn't even that good... 
 I will cherish every moment of this night together.
We had a great time!!!


Sunday, October 14, 2018

Halloween Party invitations ~ Throw back

The other day I was browsing through my old Spoonful of Everything blog and as I read through so many cherished days,  I came across some of our Halloween fun.
When my girls were younger..   we really did it up!
We hosted some serious Halloween parties for the kids and grown ups.
When Sally was in elementary school,  half of the fun was making unique invitations.
Each year I tried to come up with something better than the last.
These were the severed finger invitations that I believe I saw on Martha Stewart's Halloween special.
I remember the kids were so excited to receive the unexplained gift box.
What could it be?
They certainly were not expecting a finger.

The next year,  they were on to me so I knew that I had to kick it up a notch to really surprise them.
These take out boxes were special...

When you opened the lid
This guy popped up!

And then there were these little candy jars...
Honestly, I think that half of the fun of those Halloween party's was getting invited.

I can't remember what year these little caskets were from.
When you opened the lid the little skeleton rose.
 The parties were always fun and as you can see, 
I had just as much fun making the invitations .

Happy Haunting.

 Just so some of you know,
I have been visiting and catching up on  your blogs
and although I've been commenting
~  some lengthy ~
I just realized that many of the comments aren't posting.
Some I had to open with my phone to comment.

Happy Sunday!!!

Friday, October 12, 2018

Brain Appetizer

The party tray that you are about to see is morbidly disgusting
and equally so awesome that your friends will want to pick your brain for the instructions!
Gross right?
Skelly liked it!!

I used a simple sautéed barbeque shrimp recipe to create this brain.
Topped with extra sauce,  it turned my family into a bunch of hungry brainiacs.
Broccoli or a bowl of dip would be a great brain substitute.
Brain Appetite!


I am knee deep in my Halloween groove and loving every morbid minute of it!!!
We are off to take Stanley to the vet for a follow up x-ray.
Fingers crossed that everything healed the way it was supposed to.
Based on his activity level and the way he is moving around,
He seems to be doing great!! 
Have a great day all.