Saturday, February 17, 2018

This week

Hi everyone.
Happy Saturday!!!

Paul and I are just hanging around on the sofa this morning.
It's going to be one of those lazy days.
One,  because Paul is exhausted from another 80 hour work week.
And two..  because go figure,  mama is fighting a chest cold of some sort.   As long as it is not the flu..  I can handle it.

Here's a little of what's been happening around here this week.

Mardi Gras!!!

I made some festive cheesecake bars and a delicious Cajun Shrimp stir fry for dinner.   As much as I wanted a king cake,  I didn't make one since I'm trying hard to keep my weight down.


 Valentines day was real nice.  I had a nice breakfast with my girlfriend before coming home and rearranging the furniture.

  Instead of going out that night,
  Paul and I wanted to test out the new living room layout, so we ended up ordering Chinese food and watching the Olympics.


Of course I had to snap a few Valentines pictures of Charlotte wearing her socks and pj's.


On Thursday it was down with the hearts and time to make some shamrocks to hang from the ceiling on the sun porch.

Yesterday ( Friday) I started feeling a little funky so I went out super early to get my errands done.
Good thing.. because by last night I was running a small fever and feeling bad.  
Today,  while I am feeling somewhat better.  Just doing a lot
 A LOT of coughing,  I'm planning to take it easy and just hang out with these guys.

Hope that you all have an awesome weekend.

Friday, February 9, 2018

Valentine Card party 2018

Wow...  just 5 days until Valentines Day.
I'm wondering what I am going to do for my husband.
I'm thinking that we'll probably just plan a nice dinner date for later in the week.
Actually, I don't require anything.
I've got everything I will ever need right here.
No,  I don't mean the cupcakes.


I mean the family.
On Sunday afternoon I had planned to have our Valentines Card party with a few friends.  Unfortunately many of my friends were unable to make it so I cancelled. 
I had planned on making some cards later that evening with my girls ~  So to accomplish a little more, we just had to recruit another helper.
Isn't this guy awesome!!!!
I mean really...  the superbowl was on TV and he was sitting at the table with us gluing googly eyes and cute stickers on paper.

we did listen to the game and root for my blog friend Lynn's beloved Eagles while creating. 
This was the first football game that we sorta paid attention to since the whole kneeling thing in England.   

Paul kept us all laughing that night.
He complained of sensory overload and bewilderedly asked,
"Man,  where did you get all of this stuff?"
You don't work for 2 major craft store chains in a span of over 10 years and not acquire a lot of this stuff!
This right here...
My family, together.
 Laughing and creating special Valentines for hospitalized children.   This is the greatest Valentines gift that I could ask for.

My heart is full.
The cards have been delivered and this weekend Melinda and Mr ken will drop them off and help bring some smiles to little people.
Once again,  thank you Melinda for hosting this special event.
Wishing you all a wonderful Valentines.
Don't forget Fat Tuesday / Mardi Gras ...
and Ash Wednesday.  
I'm excited.  So many good days to come.

Monday, February 5, 2018

craft room organizing

I know you've been here before..
but come on down to my craft room.
I cleaned it!!

After endless hours spent browsing craft studios on Pinterest
I was ready to organize and freshen up my own space.
Last week I was working on Paul's side of the basement
( just through that door to the right) ..
I found some new carpet squares at a thrift store for $1. each and was able to cover his whole floor for $55.00.  Can't beat that!
It's not a color or pattern that I would have chosen..  
but for the price and ease of installing it,
It was perfect.   Plus,  That's the room where he changes out of his coal covered work clothes and boots..  it should hide the coal dust well! 

  Back to my room.
You have to pass through my room to get to his and
my side of the basement was a wreck.  
My work table easily becomes a collect all...
and if I don't stay on top of it,  it will get out of control.
Like it was these last few weeks.


To get myself inspired,  to removed everything from the table and pegboard and then I painted the brown pegboard White.   It's so much brighter!  Being in the basement .. I want it as bright as possible.   I also love to surround myself with as much color as possible.  
I hung some shelves and rearranged things as I filled the board back up.   That's the fun part!   I also hung a new ( clip on ) light above the thrift store dollhouses so that if I ever get around to finishing them...  I can see what I am doing.  : )

 I confess that when I have the time to do it.. 
I actually love cleaning this room.

 It's such a great space!!
10 years ago,  I would have never dreamed of having a cozy craft room all of my own down in the gritty gross basement!
When my girls were young,  we had a little craft supply station in the corner of the sun porch.    It was nice having everything so accessible to the kids. They would sit out there for hours making stuff.   On the other hand,  it was the first thing that you would see when you entered the front door...
and like my basement room,  it was always messy.
Back then I was big into scrap booking and jewelry making.
Nowadays my interests are wood working , miniatures and of course,  painting.

I found this cool little battery operated LED light to showcase my  cordless Ryobi tools. 

There's my little helper overlooking the progress.
Oh,  and see that pink curtain?
A while back I hung some of those metal (curtain tie backs) on the ceiling so that I could rest a long curtain rod on them and hide the seasonal storage shelves.

Now that everything is neat and organized,
What shall I create?
Oh man..  my battery is about to die.
What kinds of creating do you all like to do?

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Hello February

Hello February!  I'm happy to see you.
No,  you are not particularly my favorite month,  but you are another month closer to spring and warmer weather, so I will make the best of out of you.
I put together this little calendar so that I could have a visual of some of the fun days ahead ~  surely we can find plenty to celebrate.    I'm looking at Pizza day like Heck yeah.

It's time to use the pretty red dishes and linens.
There's something about seasonal dishes that I love.
Makes me feel festive all year long.
Throw some cookies on a plain plate and you have plain ole cookies.
Put those same cookies on a pretty heart plate and you have created a celebration.

My boys like things feeling festive too.
And yes,  all 3 dog sleep on our bed most nights.
It's insane.
Charlotte sleeps up at the top in between our pillows and the big guys spread out all over the bottom. 
Paul and I barely fit.
It's no wonder that we wake up stiff and cramped every morning.
But It's ok...  we love our furry babies. 
Remember that old Goldie Hawn movie,  Seems like Old Times? 
There was a scene when they were in bed with at least 10 dogs and I remember paul saying "that will be us in a few years".
He was close.  : )

While I am in my bedroom and it's the start of February I'll have to show you one of my favorite pieces of art that hangs on the wall behind the bed. 

This beautiful letter was written to me by the guy that I had met on a blind date and started dating in winter of 1989.
In January of 1990, He was on night shift ( at the same job) when he wrote this and I was still a teenager living at home with her parents. 
  I remember the moment that he slipped it into my coat pocket when he was driving me home one night.
I couldn't wait to read it!!!
Filled with love, promise and dreams..
To this day,  it remains one of my most beautiful cherished gifts.

Although my heart is melting a little bit right now, it's time
 for this girl to stop reminiscing and start getting things done around the house.    I've been working on a basement project which means the rest of the house needs my attention.
Dust. Dust. and more Dust.
Wishing you all a wonderful weekend
and a February filled with love. 


Thursday, January 25, 2018

A tiny Valentine party

Take a peak inside of the window..
It looks like a house filled with love.

The lights are on.
Come on in.

Smells good in here. 
Take a seat and enjoy the macaroons fresh from the oven.
There's tea and Valentines cake too...

Perhaps you'd rather come into the living room and make yourself comfortable.
Go ahead, grab a blanket and pull your feet up on the sofa and get cozy.
You can enjoy the view of the Valentines tree from here.
Come into the sunroom and gather round the table.
There's a Valentines party happening.
Its the annual Valentine card party ,
where cards are made from love for hospitalized children.
All that you need is a little love,  craft supplies,  and of course a yummy cake to treat to your helpers.
Sounds like fun doesn't it!
Don't worry,   the Valentines card party isn't just for the tiny house.
Here in the real house,
The valentines card party is one of our favorite events.
My girls and I have been making cards with Melinda for many years now.    If you would like to join in the fun,  visit Melinda here: Country Dreaming Valentines Card Shower  where she gives instructions for the Card Shower.
Our party is coming up next week and I am super excited.
  I've got several good friends coming to help out. 
It's always nice to create and spend time with friends.
Although I'm not sure that my treats can compare to those in the tiny house.
From the mini house and the real house...
We wish you a wonderful weekend. 

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

A beautiful winter walk around the beach

Although we haven't had a lot of snow,  I feel like it's been colder than usual in our part of Maryland this season.  Our furnace has been running nonstop.  
Yesterday was a nice 50' day...  still chilly,  but much better than it has been.   Since Sally had the day off ,  she and I took a drive down to Rocky Point Park to take in some fresh air and some beautiful winter landscapes.

We took our shoes off and walked the beach side first...    

we even put our feet in the icy water.
Not for long though...
it was so cold that it hurt.

I couldn't stop noticing how clear the water was.
Paul said that it is more clear in the winter time because all of the salt sinks and rests on the bottom.  

We watched a pair of seagulls catch their lunch.

Sally couldn't not stand on the ice.
I admit,  it is so tempting.

This guy however...
He was in there using a shovel and another tool to break the ice.
I'm still asking that question.

On the other side of the park is the creek where we launch our boat and the paddleboard.

I don't think I'll be taking my board out here anytime soon.
There are layers upon layers of ice.

The water is like glass...
It would be a perfect day for a little ride to the island.

"Iceburg straight ahead!"

See that land behind me...
That's our island. 

 we are getting closer and closer to sitting on that beach.
Summer is now closer then it is far away. 
( make sense out of that.. lol)

Below is my favorite photo taken yesterday.

Sally and I swore that we would come again soon...
and next time,  we will pack a lunch and have a picnic at this table.
Such a perfect seat.

I hope that you enjoyed coming along on the winter walk with us.
I love being able to appreciate the beauty in all seasons.
Winter certainly has it's own.

Have a great Day!