Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Random Favorites

Hi Friends!
I hope that you all are staying cool.
It's been super hot here in Baltimore.
 It's been a good week to catch up on housework and projects that I've been neglecting around here. 
It's also been a good week for not cooking...
which leads me to share some of my newest favorite things.
#1.  Recently while at Panera Bread on a dinner date with Sally,
I ordered the Watermelon Feta salad and I've been hooked ever since.
I've made my own version a few times this week.
Mixed greens, crisp sweet melon topped with crunchy seeds and a raspberry walnut vinaigrette...
Oh my goodness,  it's pure summertime in a bowl!

Here's what you need :
( as much as you prefer)
Mixed Greens
a few chopped mint leaves
cubed watermelon
feta cheese
sunflower seeds
pumpkin seeds
almond slices
raspberry walnut vinaigrette

#2. Meet Harry!!!
My late fathers prized catch that he caught on a hunting trip up north in the late 1980's.
 I never imagined that I would love Harry as much as I already do.
My uncle gave him to me before he passed away a few weeks ago... 
 being that it belonged to my dad and that my uncle trusted me with it means more that I can ever express.
Plus,  every time I look at him I can remember my dads excitement when he proudly told me about his trip.  
( however, I am pretty sure that my dad would not care for Harry's pretty flower)
#3. This funky bowl display.
I am a self proclaimed dish whore.
I am. 
And I can not help it.
Anytime I see a polka dot dish...
It must come home with me!
I hope that you all are surrounded by your favorite things too.
Tomorrow we are having dinner at our favorite beach,
and hopefully I'll get to my neglected gardens soon.
Have a great rest of the week!!


  1. I can't believe I'm saying this, but Harry is so cute! I'm sure he will be very happy in your home and will be celebrating the holidays with you! I love that he carries such good memories of your dad for you:) xo

  2. Harry! That's nice that your uncle thought of you, and that you enjoy having him. I like the flower...
    I'm a Pyrex dish whore. It's true. I do limit myself because let's face it. I don't cook much anymore. But those Pyrex dishes are thing of beauty and little jewels in the cupboard!
    I almost forgot about your new blog-- I've got you plugged into The sidebar now. If I could only make a decent time for blogging!

  3. I love that polka dot bowl and have plans to get my hands on one! I've gotta force myself into a Walmart though and there is no store I loathe more than Walmart...

    1. try homegoods too... they've got great polka dots! : )

  4. The salad sounds so refreshing. Thanks for sharing the recipe. Such a treasure to have Harry for the sweet memories. When I'm out and about, I'll think of you when I see pretty bowls! Catching up after our recent move. Have a nice weekend.