Sunday, September 25, 2016

a little tour of Walther Gardens

This is Walther Gardens.
It's been here in Baltimore city forever.
If you are from Baltimore,  then you know all about their famous snowball stand.
They're the best.
Both of my daughters have worked there.
As the nursery and property were falling apart, about 2 years ago the original family sold the property to a brother and sister team who have revived this wonderful space.
What they've done is truly amazing.
There is something to look at in every space.
Grab a pumpkin spice coffee and come along with me..
It's fall in the Gardens.
There are so many varieties of pumpkins..
I didn't know so many existed.
lumpy pumpkins
white pumpkins
cheese pumpkins
fairytale pumpkins
moon pumpkins
pumpkin pumpkins
And I want them all!!

The best thing about this place..
it's a stones throw from my house.
The worst part about this place...
each time I pass by it,  I want to redecorate my house.

It's hard to believe that this is Baltimore City.
It's definitely not the Baltimore City that you are used to seeing.

There are many projects still in the works at Walther Gardens.
New greenhouses, a workshop, a kitchen and a Air Bed and Breakfast are all in the future plans.
The retail shop is made from a reclaimed shipping container.
Super cool right?

I can spend hours in this shop just looking at all of the treasures.
Sometimes,  when the owners need a break,  I work  hang out here.
And I also host paint night parties here.

My favorite thing about Walther Gardens are the friendships that I've made here.
I have met some wonderful people and made friendships that will last a lifetime.
I'm so lucky to have such a wonderful place so close to home.
Hope that you all enjoyed the tour.


  1. A creative space is a wonderful place to make friends - I loved the tour...thanks!

  2. What a wonderful place to visit AND to have so close to you:) Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!

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  4. Don't you love fall and all the fun it brings? This kind of place is the best kind of place to visit in the fall!

  5. Wowww what a great garden the post lucky Ria x enjoy autumn ❤️

  6. Hi! just ran across your blog! I get so excited over silly pumpkins and shops that dress up for fall and halloween! I picked up a bunch this week and Im thinking of going back on my lunch hour today! lol! my husband thinks Im nuts.. but secretly I think he likes them too! He just hates that when its all said and done, hes the one that has to dispose of them!
    have a great day!

    1. Vivian... I get so excited to decorate and my husband complains every time - yet he smiles - I was teasing him one day and told him that I know that he secretly loves it and he said that he loves that I love it. Awwww. ; ) ( you know they really do like it!!!!)

  7. What a great place! How nice for you that you live so close.

  8. Such a fun place, Mr. Ken would have to pry me out of there!!

    Love what they have done. shoe us more when there is more to see. So many pumpkins!!!

    M : )