Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Entry way bench

Hi friends.
Happy Wednesday!!

Even better then that..
Happy February 1st!!
We are another month closer to spring!

If you came into my house,  you would think that it is already spring since I have long ago traded my winter d├ęcor for much brighter colors.

The outside might be cold and grey, 
but inside is definitely warm and sunny.

~project time~

I have wanted an entry bench for the sun porch for a long time.   Since Paul bought me the coolest power tools for Christmas, I had planned on finally building one for myself.   Isn't this pretty?  I made it.
The best part is that it was super simple to make.

Instead of starting from scratch like I had planned,
I remembered that I already had a wood trunk sitting around not getting used.

Now that I had a base,  the rest of the project would take no time at all.

First I removed the chair rail from the wall and started cutting my wood to size. 

oh,  the supplies that I used are:

1 sheet of wainscoting
2 pieces of fancy molding
1 shelf kit
3 hooks
( all purchased at lowes)

cushion and fabric from joanns

Project total:  about $50.00

To construct the backboard I hung the wainscoting long ways and attached it with a nail at the top.
Use a level to make sure you have it straight and then start framing it out with the molding.

The molding should overlap the wainscoting just a little on each side.

I replaced the missing parts of chair rail with the left over molding and then hung the shelf.
Although mine is not,  the shelf should be even to the sides of the backboard.
( I'm like an inch off on each side)

Paint everything.

Hang the hooks.
~ this will also give the wainscoting added support

While the first coat of paint was drying
I went to work on the cushion.

I was lucky to find a piece of foam that was very close to the size I needed.  All that I had to do was trim some off of the back end and hot glue it to side.

And I also used hot glue to add the fabric to the foam.  So you know, I hate to sew!

Of course, decorating it was my favorite part!

Pretty, functional and doggie approved.

I love it.

but it has me thinking, what can I make now? 

Have a great day!!!!


  1. Beautiful !! is THE pup it doing? Ria x ❤️

  2. Love it . You did a super job.
    I have an idea for your next project...
    Valentine Cards for the Valentine Card shower.

    M : )

  3. Leslie, You are so talented and creative. I love this and I'm glad it's doggy approved! You did a pretty job decorating!

  4. Fantastic project!

    And a woman who loves and uses power tools! Must not tell my woodworking husband about you! He will fall in love! -grin-

    Woodworking men really appreciate woodworking women, as I'm sure, your husband, has told you.

    I am in awe of your abilities.

    Non-woodworking Luna Crone