Friday, March 10, 2017

Accessory station before and after

To say the least, 
It's been a crazy start to march around here.

Every time I plan to sit down with my blog
something else takes priority.

This morning,  as I sit here with my breakfast watching the snow fall outside of the window, 
I am determined to update before the day gets to busy.

I'm gonna skip over the craziness and move right on to something fun.
I can't remember If I told you guys about the old screen door that Paul and I found in the garage.
After 30 years of living in this house,  it was found in the one final uncharted territory ..
the garage loft.

and I was determined to do something with it...

Do you remember this corner of my bedroom?

I love having my girly stuff within easy reach but I was in the mood for a little change.
That's where the screen door comes in to play.

With a few tools and my helper,  I unassembled the blue shadow box and used some of the pieces to make shelves for my new accessory station.

It was a pretty simple project..

Of course, once the door and shelves were mounted, it needed bunting and lots of branches to hang things.

Cute right!!!

I am planning on adding a few decorative hooks below the bottom shelf to hold some of my favorite scarves.

Sheesh..  that's a whole lot of purple.
I often think about repainting my bedroom... but the truth is,  much to Paul's dismay, I like the lilac color. 

I love having all of my favorite pieces at my fingertips.

With as busy as we've been,  it sure does make me feel good when  I accomplish a small makeover like this one. 
It's perfect.
( well,  besides that ugly cord showing from behind the screen!)

I hope you all enjoyed the screen door repurpose.
It's time for me to get dressed and ready to roll. 

Have a wonderful weekend.


  1. Leslie,
    This is amazing!
    You certainly have talent...
    And have a cozy weekend. : )

  2. Your pup is grown verry fast....lovely weekend enjoy...❤️

  3. Wheeee... I see you have Ivanka Trump perfume, too! I love it. I'm sure you do too.

    Very cute project. And even more amazing, that you are so accomplished. Hooray for you!

    Luna Crone

  4. LOVE IT! That is an inspiration for me:) Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

  5. Once again you're so creative! Great idea and your fur buddy is adorable!