Monday, August 28, 2017

The weekend

Good Morning Friends.
Happy Monday.

I hope that everyone had a nice weekend.
I spent the weekend doing house stuff and mostly keeping an eye  on storm Harvey in Texas.

Praying for Texans.

As sad as the devastation is to look at,  the American spirit is shining and as I watch the symbolic images of people helping people my soul is rejuvenated by the human race.


Aren't these pretty?
I am not the master gardener that I wish I was, but I do have a few pretty flowers growing in my gardens.

.. and clipping them is my favorite thing to do!

The sunflowers are finally blooming.

I love this cabinet in my kitchen.
It once was a tall china cabinet that belonged to my in laws.
 I removed the top half years ago and earlier this spring I removed the whole back side and bottom of it.

So now it just slides right over top of the ugly radiator.
The drawer is still functional... but it probably wouldn't be a good idea to leave my chocolate stash in there.

On Saturday night the girls and I did some cookie decorating.
Although they both graduated high school years ago
I still miss the Back To School excitement.

They don't.

But they do still like cookies.  : )

I used basic royal icing and rolled sugar cookie recipes to make some pencils, gym socks (boot)  and apples ( which is actually a pumpkin).

Just to let you know... 
I'm sorry but the girls and I have no plans on opening a bakery any time soon.

Decorating cookies looks so easy online...
Ours, as usual, are a hot mess.

Most of the cookies we made to give to our "little" neighbors who start back to school next week.  

Of course I had to make one for their mom.

And one for me.


I'll leave you with a photo of my boys.  Sharky the Golden recently got a hair cut and his coat is nice and fuzzy.
He's been very spunky since I shaved him ..
I think he likes it because we can't keep our hands off of it.

Stanley..  gosh I can't even believe it, will be a year old in November and don't let his cuteness fool you.. 
he is as ornery as ever.

Have a great new week everyone.


  1. For some reason, your first pic does not show up, in your blog. But! If you click on one pic, all of them show up, and can be enlarged. So, I saw it, anyway!

    Oh yes, TX and this horrid storm. I keep watching for updates from the one blogger I now 'know' in TX. So far, as of last night, they still had power. I have yet to hear, this morning.

    Oh such a fun time you must have had!!!! Cookies and shaping them and decorating them!!!! Yes, I can imagine, it is not, not, not easy! ,-) But with your girls, it had to be fun. And sweet, to be giving some, to neighbor kids.

    that is a cute idea, covering the radiator, but... Does it cut off, the heat from it? Just wondering...

    Shushhhhh... Don't tellllll..... But I started bringing down Sept., Oct. decor, from upstairs, today. :-)))))) At least it will be down here, and I can take my time, dealing with it. :-)

    First, find a spot for my crazy, new purple faerie lights!!!! Oh my!!!!

    Have a lovely week!

    Many gentle hugs,
    Luna Crone

    1. Fall decor... woohoooo!!!! I'm gonna do the same thing next week. To our question ..yes, it does block the heat a little but I can open the little doors if needed. Our kitchen usually stays pretty warm though.

  2. Yes, praying for Texans.
    How clever you are, Leslie! Very nifty creative job with the cabinet.
    The flowers are pretty and I love that coffee, esp when in NOLA!
    And best of all your fur buddies, they're adorable! Stanley looks very innocent, a perfect little pup! Have a great week!

  3. Pretty flowers. I love how you hid the radiator. Nice!

  4. I love the bright cheerful flowers! You are pretty clever to cover the radiator that way, it really looks great.

  5. Your flowers are so pretty. Really like what you did with the old cabinet and what a great way to hide the radiator.
    Cookies look delicious and are so cute too.
    Kids in my area went back to school today.

  6. Hello!
    I adore your flowers!
    And the cookies as well!!
    Hello to your sweet pups. : )
    Have a cozy evening.

  7. Love the pretty flowers and that cabinet over the radiator is awesome:) I put a wall hanging over the electrical panel in my little cottage out back! I found one that just fit and looked much better than the ugly panel:) Enjoy your day dear friend and save one of those yummy cookies for me:) HUGS!