Thursday, January 25, 2018

A tiny Valentine party

Take a peak inside of the window..
It looks like a house filled with love.

The lights are on.
Come on in.

Smells good in here. 
Take a seat and enjoy the macaroons fresh from the oven.
There's tea and Valentines cake too...

Perhaps you'd rather come into the living room and make yourself comfortable.
Go ahead, grab a blanket and pull your feet up on the sofa and get cozy.
You can enjoy the view of the Valentines tree from here.
Come into the sunroom and gather round the table.
There's a Valentines party happening.
Its the annual Valentine card party ,
where cards are made from love for hospitalized children.
All that you need is a little love,  craft supplies,  and of course a yummy cake to treat to your helpers.
Sounds like fun doesn't it!
Don't worry,   the Valentines card party isn't just for the tiny house.
Here in the real house,
The valentines card party is one of our favorite events.
My girls and I have been making cards with Melinda for many years now.    If you would like to join in the fun,  visit Melinda here: Country Dreaming Valentines Card Shower  where she gives instructions for the Card Shower.
Our party is coming up next week and I am super excited.
  I've got several good friends coming to help out. 
It's always nice to create and spend time with friends.
Although I'm not sure that my treats can compare to those in the tiny house.
From the mini house and the real house...
We wish you a wonderful weekend. 


  1. Your tiny house is adorable! Love that it looks like your real house too:@)

  2. So adorable!
    I have not seen anything as precious and detailed!!!!
    Happy Valentine's Day!

  3. This is wonderful. I LOVE the kitchen.

  4. Love, love this post! I haven't had my dollhouse out since last winter. Time to get busy on it. You've inspired me. I always love coming over here and see what you have going on for the holidays. Hope you don't mind, I mentioned you on my blog today;)

  5. Love, love love it! The house is so stinkn'
    Thanks for the shoutout on the shower! Love the cards
    that you and your crew make!!

    M : )

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