Friday, January 5, 2018

blog booking and keeping out of the cold

Happy first weekend of January!   It is FRREEZZZZING here..
It has literally been to cold to do much of anything so I've been sitting here playing on my laptop for the past few days.

When I mentioned my blog books in the last post I reminded myself how much fun they were to put together.   They are also very time consuming..  which is one of the reasons I haven't done one in a while.

I'm a few years behind!   Good thing that it's going to be freezing all week!  : )

The printing company that I use is Blurb and I must say that It was much easier years ago.   You used to be able to upload your entire blog layout.   Maybe you still can, but I haven't figured it out.   The new and (not)improved Blurb loads posts and photos separately..  so you actually have to puzzle everything together.   

Fingers crossed that the book quality is still as great as it used to be.


Today  I have to rough it and go out in the cold.  Sharky, the Golden, has a vet appointment where he is getting his Thyroid tested.   Poor guy is gaining weight and cranky ~  hey wait,  that's me.  
We're hoping that the problem is his thyroid because the vet swears that it can be treated.  Fingers crossed.

We're also hoping to  bring Sally's car home today.  Since she got her license two weeks ago she's been aching for something to drive.  Most days I just give her my jeep,  but I too, would rather that she had something all of her own.   


I was also thinking about buying a new blogging camera today.  I have 2 cannon rebels and neither of them are working correctly.    Now,  the newest one ( which is about 5 yrs old) will not auto zoom and focus..  and the problem with that is..  I can't see well enough to trust my manual focus.  : (   

Do you guys have any suggestions on any easy, lightweight, high quality cameras?


I need to go wake Sharky up and trim his Grinch feet so that he doesn't completely look like a homeless dog when he goes to the vet later this morning.  : )

Have a great weekend!!!!


  1. Oh Leslie, I have to get out today too and I am NOT looking forward to it. I sure would like to have my blog printed in books but it would cost me my life's savings:) Enjoy your day and I hope you get some good news at the Vet. HUGS!

  2. My camera is a Nikon COOLPIX 57000 and I love it. Just a point and shoot, small and light enough that I take it with me wherever I go. It is the only camera I use.
    We have to go out in the cold or we would be indoors all winter. : )

  3. Try to stay warm, they're saying -3 tomorrow night??? Ugh.

  4. I have thought about making a blog book but have never gotten round to it - perhaps this new year! You've inspired me!

  5. Hopefully your book will come out
    the way you want.
    Mr. Ken got me a Cannon Rebel T 6--learning it
    but seem to be a great camera. I also have
    a Kodak point and shoot small camera.
    My Nikon has focus issues too hence the
    new one.

    M : )