Saturday, January 13, 2018

valentines decor

Well,  I wasn't planning to wait so long in between posts but my computer was a little funky.   Actually,  I am super frustrated at technology right now.    Remember that I said that I was working on my blog book?   The program that I was using is so large that it basically froze up everything on my laptop but itself.  To update my blog I would have to finish the book first.   After almost two weeks of putting it together I finished it this morning...   and guess what?  It wouldn't upload.  
I kept getting a message that I didn't have enough space,  so what did I do?  I deleted everything including any photos I had saved for future posts.  oops.  

So now,  if the book doesn't print,  I have lost most of the photos that were going to be in it.   ( other than those on my blog).   Frustrating!!

Lets move on to something less frustrating,  Valentines Decorations!  
Who doesn't like hearts.  lots of lots of hearts.

Welcome to the sunporch..  where today it's a cool 30 something degrees.  
It's heated out there,  but we rarely turn the furnace on during the day when we have the pellet stove going full blast.   Helps save money on heating oil. 

It definitely looks a lot warmer than it actually is.

The pink makes me happy.  It's the color that is in between winter and spring.
Just think, not long after Valentines day, we'll be into march..  then april.. 

Isn't that little heart bunting pillow adorable?  I found it at Kirklands.

Of course,  the snowflakes are still hanging.   I look forward to one real good snowfall. 
Maybe a blizzard.   Just don't tell my family that I said that.

I just want to sit here,  with a mug of hot chocolate..  with pink heart shaped marshmallows and watch some snow fall. 

I'm not to sure what I will get into tonight.  Maybe put some cozy pj's on and curl up with my pups and an actual book.  Yeah,  that sounds good! 

I hope that you all have a wonderful weekend.   I will be back soon with some updates.  Hopefully I can get this blog book squared away.   ugghh.



  1. OH, such a bummer about the blog book!! I made one a couple years back and it was the most tedious process. I didn't even publish my whole blog, I just chose about 50 posts. I used blog2print, and it wasn't the most user friendly. I want to do a volume 2, just need to work up the courage to tackle it. I really hope it all works out for you. On the bright side, LOVE your Valentine decorations! And the snowflakes look great with it. I'm with you, just hoping for a snowstorm here so I can hunker down with some hot chocolate and a good book;)

  2. Technology sure can be frustrating at times. I've never tried to make a blog book.

  3. Love your LOVE decor, Leslie.
    Your evening sounds perfect.
    I am home from mass, done with dinner, and am on the couch under a throw reading blogs. Then my book.
    Sorry about your tech issues.
    I am so tech challenged!!!
    I have my daughter's boyfriend do everything for me!
    Have a wonderful evening. : )

  4. Love the little boots-very cute:@)

  5. Beautiful Valentine decorations in your home !....have a Nice week love Ria x ❤️❤️❤️

  6. Snowflakes and hearts make me smile. Great decor! Janice

  7. It looks soooo pretty and festive.
    I love mixing the winter décor with
    the Valentine's décor.
    It has been cool to freezing cold here with snow
    last night and tonight.
    Hope you get your book problems figured out soon.

    M : )

  8. Pretty, pretty! Cold and snowy here too, we just finished snow-blowing the driveway and I'm ready for summer! Your place always looks so cozy, love that sunporch! And wish it was 30° here! Take care

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