Monday, April 16, 2018

Random spring / Easter

What a beautiful couple of days it has been here in Baltimore.
3 full days of sunshine...  I almost don't know how to act.

Although I still have plenty of spring cleaning to tackle...  I couldn't waste these days inside.
It's supposed to rain tomorrow,  Perfect day for laundry and basement cleaning.

At least now I can scratch Car and Deck off of my cleaning list.
My car was a pigsty!!!! 

I was bird sitting my little buddy Pearl last week while his mother was in Costa Rica.   We did a lot of looking at my list and not a lot of working on it. 

However,  I have my priorities!!   The doll house is clean and ready for spring and summer.  I love all of the plants on the porch.

As you probably already notice,  this is one of those random posts.    I actually already put together 2 future posts this morning ( i'm on a roll)  but I am saving them.  First I wanted to catch up a little bit.
I never got around to making an Easter post and I wanted to toss some photo's in this one.
It was such a nice easter weekend..   We had all of the kids with us on Saturday night to dye eggs.  I made a few treats,  but I was really excited about making the smores bunny dip that I saw on Pinterest .   
The recipe' is as follows.
Use a spray oil to coat baking dish.
Dump in a package of milk chocolate chips.
Drop some peanut butter by the spoonful over the chips.
Top with Peeps and then put the casserole under a broiler for a few minutes .

When I said all of the kids I mean Michelle, Sally and Sally's good friend Mr D.
Along with Paul... this bunch makes me laugh!

Easter Sunday we enjoyed an easy dinner with some of our great friends.
My friend Paula brought a dessert called ambrosia...  Delicious.  I basically ate the whole bowl.
Definitely need to get the recipe.    That guy in the orioles gear,  that's Don..  Paul's brother from another mother aka best friend since high school.    The two of them together is always entertaining!!!!
And that my friends is it.  
Since it's taken me two days just to finish this post...  the weather is back to cold, wet and depressing.
Today I will actually get that laundry and basement cleaned.
Maybe even work on a project while I am down there.
Have a great week everyone!
See you soon.



  1. Hi!
    Always happy to see a post rom you on my Reading List!
    Your Easter looks lovely.
    And we have cold rain here today in Pa.
    I'd love to stay in and snuggle, but the kids have yearly checkups.
    Maybe a quick spin through Mcdonalds Drive thru will help. : )

  2. Have a Nice week love Ria x 💜

  3. Don't know 'sup with this weather... Hoping the sun a warmth come back soon! Have a great week:@)

  4. Looks like fun!
    We have had weird weather too.
    Actually had some sun today after a long weekend of clouds.

    M : )

  5. What a fun post! The dollhouse looks great! all ready for Spring. I am in 'rain delay' as I recuperate from some surgery. My spring cleaning got stuck midway through:( Love the photo of Pearl on your Spring Cleaning list:)

  6. Wow three days of !ucky! I would feel the same way here!

  7. Sunshine feels good even on a chilly day here:) I love peeps and have never seen anything to use them for other than snacking:) Cute chick helping you with your chore list! Enjoy your day dear friend, sending HUGS and PRAYERS your way!

  8. Hi! I have just discovered your blog and love it! I look forward to having time to read it through. I would love for you to visit me at

    1. Hi Carolyn. thanks for coming by and commenting. I am bummed, I can't find your blog to stop and say hello.

  9. Fun and lovely post. : )
    Here in Garrett county we had those three nice days too. Then today it has been snowing all day. CRAZY!

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