Thursday, June 14, 2018

Simple Woman's Daybook

 Simple woman daybook June edition

Looking out my window:
It's a beautiful sunny morning.  The birds and squirrels are feasting on all of the mulberries that have fallen from the tree.   We have so many berries that it smells like a bottle of bad wine out there.
If you look closely you will see 2 of our little squirrel buddies.

I am thinking:
I am thinking about Stanley ( the black lab).   Little guy is just a year in a half old and he is having difficulties moving around.  Something is going on with his hind legs or hips.  He has an appointment with his veterinarian this evening.  Fingers crossed that it's nothing to serious.


I am thankful:
I am thankful for being married to this guy...
Last week we celebrated our 28th anniversary.
There have been many ups and downs but through it all we kept our integrity intact and created a life that so many people wish for.   The photos are from our first day and our 25th year.

One of my favorite things:
Hydrangea's.   Maybe it's all of the rain we've had..
My hydrangea bushes are full of beautiful blooms.

I am creating:
I made this for my friend last year ~ She and her brother own the local nursery and snowball stand.
(Both of my daughter's first summer job was at that stand)
  After a year of being abused by little fingers it needed some touching up.
I added some new bunting, new lights and reattached all of the loose pieces. 

I am wearing:
Well...    If you really want to know.
It's early.  I'm wearing my new Jurassic park dinosaur paw print pajama pants,  and black tank top~  since the matching Jurassic park top got wet and stinky while I was trying to bath dogs last night.
Stinky Sharky was the one who needed a scrub.
The little one was just helping out aka making a mess.
I am reading:
I'm finally getting around to finishing this book!!!
 watching  / listening to:
The morning news program. 
I am hoping:
I am hoping for a sunny uneventful weekend.  It's been very quiet on my street.  The LOUD neighbor ( renters) that I disliked moved out,  and the other loud neighbor is on vacation.  It's been very peaceful.  You have to live in Baltimore city to understand.

I am learning:
To stop stressing about the future.  What will be will be.

In my kitchen:
Ohhhh,  I am excited about this one.
These are just a few of the ingredients that are waiting to go into the Hawaiian Trifle.
It also calls for whipped cream, and coconut pudding -  which I attacked with a spoon last night. 
I'm crazy about coconut!!
Once I finish this post I am heading to the thrift store to buy a tall clear glass bowl to prepare it in.
If it's awesome..  I will share the exact recipe.

In my garden;
This year we planted 3 varieties of tomatoes in the vegetable garden.
Heirloom, plum and cherry.
We also have a few pepper plants and some Sweet potatoes.
Never tried to grow potatoes before,  I'm curious on how they will do in out little garden.
Board room:
Something about this recipe sounds really good to me.
Hopefully I did it correctly and the link is accessible by clicking the photo.

Shared Quote:
This is something that I have recited to myself for many years.
I do believe in Karma.. and that we create our own.

Closing Notes:
 that was fun. Thank you for coming along with me.   I think that I will try to make it a habit to join along in the Simple Woman's Daybook.    Click here  If you would like to join along too.
Have a great Day!!!!


  1. Loved your comment on my blog about the movie! It's one I will definitely see again. Your hydrangeas are beautiful. Mine is still pretty small, but it looks like it's going to do well this year, just not blooming yet. I love the Wayne Dyer quote. I saw him years ago and he is such an inspiration.

  2. Hope your black lab has nothing serious. I know a lot of them have hip dysplasia.

  3. It took me a little bit to see your two squirrel friends- but I found them!

  4. Happy belated Anniversary! Great fur babies at your house! And I love your hydrangeas! Mine are just starting to get buds. And the only thing better than Hawaiian Trifle, is being there, wish I was back there!

  5. Hi Leslie, it is so nice to meet you! Thanks for coming over to my blog and commenting on my Daybook (more on that in a minute). I hope Stanley is OK; that did sound worrisome. Ugh, don't talk to me about mulberries - they're my nemesis! My neighbor's huge mulberry tree hangs right over our patio and pretty garden area by the patio and every late spring into summer, it drops tons of mulberries all over our patio and garden! I clean up this area every single day and it's a real pain. If I don't clean the mulberries up, they rot and attract flies. We've had her trees trimmed back to her property line, but it's still not enough to keep those darn berries from dropping all over onto our property.

    I love the diorama you made - very clever! Did you and your husband do anything special for your anniversary? Our anniversary is in Sept - 34 years! Yes, your Pinterest link worked. :-)'s a lifelong journey. You can't just try it once and then give up, sorry. lol I have been doing yoga for about 6-7 years and STILL mostly take a gentle class. I have been sidelined twice in those years, once with a torn rotator cuff and then with a torn meniscus (knee). When I first started yoga, it took at least three months of weekly classes for me to really get into it and see the benefits. Now I can't live without it. I practice daily at home, too. It not only gives me strength, balance, a stronger core, flexibility and keeps my chronic back pain at bay, but it also centers me.

    I was so sorry to hear about your mom. I have lost a friend to suicide, as well as a friend's mom and another friend's brother. I'm familiar with depression and mental illness as it runs in both my family and my husband's family. Our oldest son suffered with depression and turned to drugs and alcohol. Long story, but ultimately the addiction overtook him and he passed away from an OD in 2009. He was only 21 years old. If you want to read more about this and my son, you can do so on my blog...there's a tab on the top of my home page that says, "Dedication to Phil".

    I had to laugh at your daughter "yelling" at you if you don't buy organic produce, but I totally agree with her. Especially those veggies and fruits on the Dirty Dozen list! They are loaded with pesticides that you can't merely scrub off.

    I look forward to knowing you better from your blog...I'll be following you and I'll also add your blog to my blogroll on the side of my blog!

  6. I enjoyed reading about your day. Your Hydrangeas certainly are gorgeous!! I believe in Karma as well.

  7. Lovely post...28 years is a long time......congratulations your quote !!....happy summer enjoy love Ria x 💜