Sunday, October 6, 2019

so many things - October version

Hi Everyone!
Happy Sunday!
Sorry that I am a bit behind on blogging,
It's been a busy and fun start to October
and I've been having a great time October'ing.

I got my hair cut and colored,
Lost 5 pounds...

And I'm having fun with my wardrobe and nails..
October is definitely my favorite month of the year!!

But why am I telling you..
Y'all already know that! 
My planner layout for next week is going to be a fun one.
It reminds me of an Eye Spy book because there are so many random things.
I got so crazy with the stickers that there is hardly room for plans or pictures.
This is what I am reading this week.
So far it's pretty interesting.
I'm only about 30 pages in..
 which,  in true James Patterson style, 
means that I am probably on chapter 50.

A few more things...
As promised,  Here are some photos of the dining room Halloween decorations.
The theme is Skeleton Dinner Party and it is Spooktacular!
I wish that I could give you the tour in person..
It's pretty amazing.
There are so many tiny details that fill in the spaces..
Sticking with my love of the Eye Spy style,
there are creepy snakes that mingle with beautiful butterflies.
Toads of all sizes, bones and roses filled with eyeballs.
Sparkling spiders, lots of candles,  giant flies and rats wearing hats and jewelry.
It's as random as it gets.
And I can't forget to show you how beautiful the skeletons look.

Don't worry,
They're nice skeletons.
They are super quiet and they don't eat much.
And lastly,  while we're in the dining room...
 Here are a few photos from our family Fall craft night last week.

We had a great time painting pottery bottles and pumpkins.
It is always nice when we can all gather together.
I have so much more to share but I better give you all a break for now.
I'm about to head out for my morning walk ( I'm a little late) and then I'm gonna make a pot of meatless chili with some snake breadsticks. 
Wouldn't be October if I weren't brewing up Halloween concoctions.
Have a great new week everyone!!!!


  1. Wow! You do get into Halloween! I love your leggings, too!

  2. Love all the Halloween fun things! Congrats for five pounds. That's my end of the year goal and all the candy everywhere is tempting me mightily.

  3. Perfection.
    You are the Queen of Halloween.
    Hugs, sister!

  4. Enjoyed looking at all your Halloween decorations.
    Congratulations on the 5 pound weight loss.

  5. This skeleton display is so awesome!!! TFS Janice

  6. Oh what a wonderful collection of decorations. Love your hair, jacket and nails:) Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

  7. Because I don't decorate much for Halloween, I especially love seeing all of your things! I guess I did more when the kids were young. I need to up my game for the grandkids!

  8. Oh goodness, I LOVE all things Halloween. Just fabulous.

  9. That skeleton is so cool looking! And your decorations are fabulous! Good for you, pretty hair and 5 pounds less, way to go, Leslie!

  10. Love your decorations! Congrats on the weight loss! Fall and October are my fav times too!

  11. Looking festive as always!
    Congrats in the weight loss.
    You are doing great!

    M : )

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